Vitamin E Toning Mist Review

Saturday, 12 December 2015

I love makeup a lot, but skincare is a routine that we should all take seriously. Skincare has now become very important to me and I try my hardest to make my skin more refreshed and better. As I do have sensitive skin, I like to take care of my skin to the best of the ability that I can.

Vitamin E Refreshing Toning Mist:

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased the Vitamin E Toning Mist just because I have been trying to tone my skin a bit more as the colder seasons are upon us. I read Mollie Manning's post on how good the Vitamin E range is from Superdrug. So as I am a avid reader of Mollie, I decided to purchase the toning mist as a start of many purchases of their products.

I have been using it for 3 weeks, I must say that this mist works well on my face so far I have not broken out nor has it irritated my skin. I use this mist twice a day, after I have moisturised my face in the morning and in the evening after I have taken off my makeup. In the morning, I use a mist on my face before applying on my makeup. I feel like this mist has given me a subtle glow underneath my makeup which makes my face look more glowly and bright. Applying it night ensures my face is moisturised as well as feeling extremely soft until the morning.

In regards to toning my skin, I have seen an improvement. My face looks more brighter, the patches that I wanted to tone out has been improving as well. I like the way it smells as well, yes I am that person who smells every product they use just because.

As the weeks go by, I wish that it will continue to be the same and eventually I will have even toned skin but for now I am absolutely in love with this product. My skin is currently extremely soft that's not soley down to this product but it has played a huge part in my current skincare routine.

Have you tried anything from the Vitamin E range?

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