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Sunday, 31 January 2016

The January Favourites - ThatBelleMakeup

It's the 31st of January and you all know what that means!? The monthly favourites. January has been a great month for me, which I am glad for as it was the best start for the year of 2016. Not only have I been using new makeup products, I have been indulging in skincare, makeup trends and TV programmes.

To start off with is makeup, I have been loving mixing the two foundations from Clinique - The Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer with the Clinique Even Better Foundation. I am in love with the finish that it has, with the brightening, glow that they both offer together, I have found my go-to mix for a daily basis. For my birthday, I received some MAC goodies of which included the MAC Blush in 'Pinch Me'. I love the warmth that this blush provides to my face and love how it's not too bright on my face. When applying my makeup, I usually dampen my beauty blender and work it into my skin but recently I have tried a different technique which I have been loving and prefer the outcome. Now, I don't dampen my beauty blender but instead, I use a foundation brush to apply my foundation on my skin and a dry beauty blender to push it into my skin. An updated makeup look will be coming soon, but at the moment, I have been loving this way and personally, I think it looks a lot better. I have been baking, I must say I do like it. I like the fact that my under-eyes look brighter, I thought that I might as well join in with the trend - so far, so good.

Moving on to skincare, I am sure a lot of you know that I have an obsession with Clinique at the moment. Unfortunately, I have ran out of my Clinique 3 Step Skincare, All About Eyes and Moisture Surge - they will all definitely be a repurchase. I fell in love with everything that is Clinique this month. With the eye cream, I saw a massive change with my under-eye circles, they decreased and my makeup looked better. With the moisture surge, I have found my new favourite moisturiser. I love the gel-like creme that provides a light-weight feel alongside uplifting my complexion. To tone my face, I have been using the Vitamin E Refreshing Toning Mist ( I have written a post on my review of it - cheeky plug, I know). I use this twice a day and have realised that my face is gradually toning - thank goodness.

Away from the face, let's move on to lifestyle side of things. I watched Creed which came out this month on the 15th January. I did love watching the movie, it was really good and would recommend it. I am the type of person to get in boxing or films similar to this, so I was on the edge of my seat. I started watching Making A Murderer which I am sure that all of you have heard about by now, I have 4 episodes left. It's an interesting documentary, all I will say about it is that if you are going to watch make sure you watch it without distractions every little bit adds up. I have been obsessed with Scandal for such a long time and I am currently loving it, hope you guys watch it as well. Last but not least my favourite scent of this month - this was hard because I have been loving the Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Pear Cologne but I have also be using my Chloe Eau de Parfum on a daily basis which I wrote a post about before.

What are your January Favourites?


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