The Sunday Edit: How Do I Get Blemishes?

Sunday, 17 January 2016

ThatBelleMakeup - The Sunday Edit

Welcome to my first series of 'The Sunday Edit' where every Sunday I will be posting posts mainly based around lifestyle and skincare in depth. To diverge and differentiate my content, I decided to introduce this series on to my blog weekly. Apart from my daily posts on beauty, I am looking to introduce different posts this year.  For more about today's post surrounding blemishes, keep reading below.

There are many ways that the skin can come in contact with a lot of bacteria on a daily basis much of which you probably don't know. It was only the other day, I had realised this so I decided to compose this post. 


Do you wash your hands before you apply makeup or before you do your morning skincare? If you don't, you are likely to come in contact with dirt. There are many things that you probably have touched such as a kitchen sink or something like that and when applying makeup is more likely to spread bacteria around your face. Especially if you are rubbing in primer or moisturiser. 


I am pretty sure many people have told you this before, but always remember to take off your makeup before going to sleep. I know there are times that one can be extremely tired and can not be bothered to do your whole nighttime skincare routine, but honestly, it will benefit in many ways. Ok, trust me I have been there - the majority of the week, I am way too tired to do anything but I do my best to either get makeup wipes to take off my makeup or even use the Garnier Micellar Water to take off my makeup. 

Another thing in relation to makeup is washing your makeup brushes on a frequent basis. Oh, how I cannot express this enough. The amount of dirt and bacteria that builds up on your brushes is unbelievable. Personally, I wash my brushes every fortnight as I find that works best for me, also, I don't wear makeup every single day. 


Your diet. I bet you were waiting for this. Your diet plays a huge role in your life if you eat a lot of fatty foods you are likely to break out into spots etc. Mcdonald's is great, pizza is absolutely delightful and so is a huge burger. I am not here to say to you that you should not eat these things, but everything in moderation. Balance out your diet and make sure you are happy with the food that you are eating - most importantly. 


Drink a lot of water. A beauty tip for you all, drink loads of water. If you are like me and don't like the taste of water because it is bland, add your favourite fruit. Put a lemon in there or even a slice of kiwi. Drinking at least 3 full glasses a day, clears your skin, brightens your eyes, reduce eye circles and overall makes you feel good. 


Stress is one of the most common factors that causes spots. All lot of us get stressed at least once in our life, it's normal. There are many ways to try and combat stress, pamper evenings are one my favourite things to do. Sunday pamper evenings consists of  lighting a candle, reading a book, using your favourite LUSH bath bomb and the essential part a bubble bath. This gets you ready for the upcoming week but also calms you down. Another way is to always take breaks. Too much work leads to stress, take breaks, guys. Take breaks, I can not stress that enough. 

Hope you liked the first of The Sunday Edit.

How do you get rid of blemishes?

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