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Sunday, 14 February 2016

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day loves!! There are days that I can't think of a blog post, or even ideas surrounding blog posts. I am sure that most bloggers go through this as well, this is why I put together 40 blog post ideas as a post.

1. FOTD.
2. Products that are worth the splurge.
3. How to contour?
4. How to make your lashes look fake (inserts plug).
5. How to apply liquid liner.
6. The best lip balms.
7. High-end products vs drugstore products.
8. A way to combat dry skin.
9. 5 ways to reduce spots.
10. An evening skincare routine.
11. A morning skincare routine.
12. How to get rid of blackheads on the nose.
13. How to whiten your teeth without whitening strips. 
14. The Nails Care 101.
15. The best lip scrubs.
16. The best primers in the drugstore world.
17. Can you make your own primer?
18. A Makeup Collection.
19. Best makeup brushes.
20. Which do you prefer? Liquid Lipsticks or Lipsticks
21. A makeup haul.
22. Monthly favourites.
23. Makeup products that you can not live without.
24. Get Un-Ready with me (inserts another plug).
25. Drugstore makeup haul.
26. A Makeup Wishlist.
27. Your favourite brand.
28. Affordable makeup look.
29. Ways to look after your eyebrows.
30. Do you look after your eyelashes?
31. The best highlighters.
32. A Go To Makeup Look.
33. Products that aren't worth the splurge.
34. Dewy makeup look.
35. 5 top facial masks.
36. How to use a beauty blender properly.
37. A dark lip routine.
38. Bad beauty habits.
39. Ways to get blemishes (inserts another plug, last one!)
40. Products under £40.

I hope this helps a lot of you who are currently finding it hard to thinking of any beauty blog posts. Leave some other ideas in the comments below!

Do you have any beauty blog post ideas?


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