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Sunday, 21 February 2016

I have a mini obsession with Instagram accounts. When it comes to searching for a Instagram account or even obsessing over one, I don't have a particular theme that I go for mainly the way that pictures look or even the person! I keep up with all my favourite bloggers and artists on Instagram - I am sure that's how it is for you as well. Today, I thought I'd share my 7 favourite Instagrammers, from bloggers to YouTubers, I hope that you find at least one account that you haven't come across yet and follow them!

I have been obsessed with Jeanne Grey for a very long time as well as following her on all her social media accounts. Her Instagram is full of photos that document her life whether that be her attending the Kylie and Kendall launch party, NYFW, trips to Morocco or just her daily life. Oh, and her style! NYC based fashion blogger, TheGreyLayers is an addictive Instagram which will leave you continuously double tapping her photos.

Another NYC Blogger! Alyssa's instagram is full of the neutrals, grey, black and white. If you love this theme, then this is probably the Instagram for you! I am completely in love with her fashion choices and her photos just look so gorgeous!

We all know Tanya Burr. Blogger and YouTuber. Probably one of my favourite YouTubers. The reason mainly why I love Tanya's Instagram is that I love how each picture shows her daily life but also recently I have been loving her holiday photos and her outfits. Her clothes. Her wardrobe, I think there's a theme with all the Instagrams that I love.

Carrie, Carrie, Carrie. Her blog is one of my inspirations, her Instagram is just beautiful. It is the photos, they are so crisp and very clear. As she is one of my favourite bloggers, I find it not hard to be also obsessed with her Instagram. I wouldn't mind her photography skills. That's a perfect explanation, is it not?

Victoria's instagram is full of her daily events such as London Fashion Week, Paris trips and many events such as Clarins. To be honest, there's not much to say about why I love Victoria's blog just let her photos doing all the talking for me,

My current obsession. Aside from new love for NikkieTutorials, I found Suzie. Apart from my love for her YouTube channel, I won't lie but I fell instantly in love with the theme and colour of her Instagram. Her Instagram showcases her current loves, her #hellooctobertravels and her fashion choices. Not to mention her recent purchases of Chanel bags, I want them! 

Who are your favourite Instagrammers?


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