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Monday, 22 February 2016


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Clinique has been a brand that has been constantly appearing in every single photo that I post on my Instagram or blog photos. Some of you maybe thinking that I am sponsored by them or in affiliate with them, however, that is not the case. I have been an absolute die-hard fan of Clinique for the past 7 months since my first discovery of their foundation. For those of who that don't know, Clinique is a fragrance-free and allergy tested skincare brand. The great thing about this brand is that it has products for everyone and anyone, especially those who have sensitive skin (aka me). 

The first product I bought from Clinique is the Even Better Foundation. It comes in a small tube but has lasted me a very long time. Up till this day, I still have a lot of foundation left in this tube this is because a little goes a long way with this foundation. I use this up to 5 times a week, with only using a minimal amount on the back of my hand. The finish that this foundation provides is medium to full coverage, don't worry it's buildable. There is an almost dewy, satin finish to it as well. Being able to last all day and then some. After this amazing experience with Clinique, I decided to move on to their skincare ever since hearing much greatness about their products. In December, I purchased the 3 Step Skincare which included the Liquid Facial Soap, Clarifying Lotion and Moisturising Gel. This only lasted about 2 weeks but the change in my skin was different. I realised that my skin was a lot more clearer and youthful. 

Since it finished, for Christmas I received a lot of Clinique products which I mentioned in my Clinique Christmas post. I got a full sized bottle of the Clinique Facial Soap which I still have and it has been two months so it is definitely worth the £16.50 purchase. I must say using this soap twice a day has made my skin better, it's very gentle on the skin. I also received the Clinique Take The Day Off Balm which had been on my skincare list for a fairly long time. So thankful, I got this product. It has made taking off my makeup so much easy, you only need to apply a generous amount of this balm to your handle which easily glides against your skin. It takes off your makeup easily, doesn't make the skin dry and doesn't pull against the skin like wipes do. Whilst using this product, I also use the Clinique Cleansing Cloths which I have used two of already. They work like a dream together.  I haven't used this Clinique Eye Makeup Remover Solvent that much but from my small uses, it is very gentle on the skin. It does remove eye makeup very well, I like the way it smells too.

I have also used the Clinique All About Eyes Cream, best and only eye cream that I have ever used. My dark under-eye circles have reduced ever since using this product. The only thing that I loved about this product is that it made my eye area look beautiful and flawless underneath my makeup. I also used the Clinique Moisture Surge Gel. Why I didn't discover this before, I have no idea! It is amazing, it feels so gentle and light on the skin. It doesn't dry out the skin, so it is perfect for those with dry skin. It also brightens the face as well, there's a theme to the Clinique products I can see. 

Moving back to makeup, I have used the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation in a sample size and I am looking to purchase it next month. I loved the finish it gave with the two top foundations together, it really brightened and evened out my complexion. On to lips, the only lipstick I have ever tried from Clinique is the Clinique Pop Lip Colour & Primer Lipstick in Nude Pop. It moisturises the lips and gives a nice pop of colour to the lips. I have spoken about this a lot, so there is more about it in my Four Of The Best Lip Balms post.

The Votes:

1. Clinique Moisture Surge Gel.
2. Clinique All About Eyes Cream.
3. Clinique Liquid Facial Soap.
4. Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer.
5. Clinique Even Better Foundation.

Have you tried any Clinique products?

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