The Best Of March's Posts

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

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It's the last day of March! Unbelievable. For this month, I have been re-reading a lot of posts overall, obsessing over many blog posts. So for today's post, I thought I'd compile all the posts that I have been loving for the month of March and share it with you guys. These posts have helped me a lot whether that be in expanding my makeup, home inspirations and beauty tips.  How many times did I say 'post'?

Beauty wise, I have been loving a few posts this month. I loveFromRoses' post on ' Where To Save & Where To Spend: Beauty Edition'. I think it was an informative post which not only made my makeup wish list grow longer but also helped me  know that there are more drugstore dupes and savers that would do as good as a job like a high-end product. Also, I loved JasmineTalksBeauty's post on a 'High-End Starter Makeup Kit' including a lot of products that I would love to own, she is an enabler, I'll tell you that haha! Now, I am sure all of you know by now, if you have been reading my blog for a while, I am obsessed with Clinique. This may only be 2 days old but A Girl Obsessed posted a post called ' Trying Out Makeup Doodling' - and there she was. The Clinique Chubby In The Nude Foundation Stick. A must in my makeup bag, her photos and use of the GIF made the post so interesting, fun and informative to read. 

Fashion wise, a deep love of mine. I have obviously got to include InTheFrow, her post on 'Where I Love To Shop For Fashion' was amazing, not only did this include some of her favourite stores but also places where she buys accessories and bags. Oh, how I absolutely love bags. From reading her post, I was able to find out more stores that I could buy clothes from - my purse will not be thanking me. A new blog that I came across this month was LikeTheYogurt, I am absolutely in love with her posts. Scrolling through my Bloglovin' feed, I came across her 'Winter Transitions' post. Oh, her outfits are just beautiful, I would not mind her wardrobe. For those who are in a fashion funk, this post as well as BeautyCrush's posts are just phenomenal. Whenever, I am in need for fashion inspiration, I always find myself on her blog. My favourite outfit would either have to be from 'Foundations' or 'A Mothers Day Pamper In Selfridges'.

Interior Decor, a growing love of mine. Despite my endless scrolling on Pinterest of interior design, flicking through magaazines. There are two posts that were my favourite of this month because they gave me more ideas and their photography is beautiful. To start of with, we all know KateLaVie also known as Gh0stparties. Her post on 'Five Favourite Corners Of My Home' really inspired me. I love the barcart idea and her bathroom, oh her bathroom. Just give it to me. Another post was from TeaPartyBeauty who posted on 'My New Makeup Storage & Collection'. The ice cube tray idea of using it to put her lipsticks in is amazing, her storage looks so clean and I got many ideas as well as links as to where to by my makeup storage from.

What posts of March have helped you out? And which ones did you like?

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Morphe 6 Piece Deluxe Contour Brush Set Review

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Morphe 6 Piece Deluxe Contour Brush Set Review, Cult Beauty

Morphe brushes, cult beauty

Being an avid Instagram scroller and obsessed YouTube viewer, I obviously came across the obsession that nearly every YouTuber had with Morphe Brushes. Jaclyn Hill has been raving about these brushes for a very long time and seeing the results on her face, I knew I had to venture out and purchase them. So I decided to purchase the Morphe Deluxe Brush Set....

Scrolling through Cult Beauty, I came across these brushes and have been contemplating the purchase for many months just because I have not heard a lot of reviews about this specific brush set. In a brief summary, the brushes are incredibly soft and such great quality for a reasonable price of £18.75. Each brush can be used in different styles of applying makeup whether that be powders, cream or liquid forms.

Angled Buffer - I prefer using this brush for applying blush is my favourite part of applying makeup now-a-days with this brush. I love the way my blush looks on my skin once applied with this brush - it looks very natural. With a couple of taps and a little blending, this brush works extremely well with blush and contouring!

Rounded Buffer - This has been my go-to foundation brush of the moment. It gives such a flawless finish yet very natural which I use for my full coverage foundations. To apply my foundation, I bounce the foundation into my skin a similar way as to using a beauty blender and after I buff it in properly. I find that using this specific method ensures my makeup lasts longer and looks so much better. If this is anything like the much raved about Morphe Deluxe Buffer brush that Jaclyn Hill uses, then I must have it! This is definitely a must have! 

morphe brushes

Pointed Contour Buffer - This perfect tapered brush for setting concealer under the eyes. I don't use this as a contour but for setting my concealer under my eyes with a loose powder or just my usual face powder. 

Mini Angled Buffer & Mini Contour BufferThis brush and the contour brush are essential for your makeup bags as they blend in the concealer extremely well whilst delivering a natural, polished finish. Both brushes do not change shape when washed, which is a plus! They are really helpful in intricate areas around the eyes and nose for blending, which I was happy about because I find that sometimes with my beauty blender, I feel like I don't blend it out properly. For detailed contouring, these brushes would be a necessity for you!

Mini Rounded Buffer - This has to be another concealer brush that I use on an everyday basis, this brush is incredibly soft. I use this brush around my eyes but even for eyeshadow blending, yes, I know it is not purposely used for that I found that with a creme eyeshadow it blends well! 

Have you tried the Morphe Deluxe Brush Set?

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A Carrot Cake For Easter

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Being a self-obsessed baker leaves me with weekends full of self-raising flour and huge amounts of egg white all over counter tops. As it is the season of baking goods especially indulgent chocolate goods, I thought I’d do the healthy alternative to the usual Easter pleasures and make a carrot cake. For the Easter celebrations, this light, fluffy cake would be the ideal spring treat for family events or even to yourself.  I’ve never made one before, first time for everything but here’s how to make it.

-         210g White Self Raising Flour
-         1tsp Baking Powder
-         1tsp Ground Cinnamon
-         210g unrefined light muscovado sugar
-         75g walnuts chopped (optional), I used almonds as I didn’t have walnuts
-         240g grated carrots
-         3 eggs
-         100ml sunflower oil

Preheat your oven to 18oC or gas mark 4
In a large bowl, add all the dry ingredients. The baking powder, sifted flour, mixed spices and salt. Stir in the walnuts/almonds, grated carrot and light muscovado sugar.
Stir in the eggs and mix until combined.
Bake for 30-35 minutes or until golden, to find out if the cake is done put a skewer in the middle of the cake and if it comes out clean then it’s done.
Remove from the oven and leave to cool down for roughly 20 minutes.

Serve with a pot of tea or just have plain, and enjoy!!!

Yes, my cake looks a bit burnt, the outside of my cake baked faster than the inside.

Do you like carrot cake?

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March Favourites

Friday, 25 March 2016

Jo Malone, Clinique, MAC

We are already coming to the end of the 3rd month in 2016, this year is going unbelievably fast! I can not believe it. March was a bit of a hectic month, hence why there has not been a lot of blog posts this month, but April will be full of more blog posts. What have I been loving this month?

This month I was able to receive a Jo Malone Complimentary Hand and Arm Massage, it was an interesting and different experience that I thoroughly enjoyed but also would recommend. On my trip, I fell in love with the Wild Bluebell fragrance and the Mimosa and Cardamom fragrance as well, which is on my current fragrant wishlist. I have been also loving the MAC False Lashes in Extreme Black for my bottom lashes, as I have it in the sample size I just thought that it ould be appropriate to use for them. They lengthen my eyelashes very well and create the full effect.

For my skin, I have been loving the Clinique Smart Serum which I also got in a sample size. Using this twice a day has improved my skin a lot, brightened up and evened my skin out extremely well. It's everything that my skin was in need of, so now when I don't use it I feel so weird and lost. To finish off my daily skin routine, I spray my Vitamin E Toning Mist which I have been raving about for the past couple of months especially on the blog. I use this all the time but only in the evening as it gives my skin a deep moisture boost throughout the night. Ever since, using this mist my skin has never been dry nor irritated by this product.

I have a post coming next week on all the blog posts that I have been loving this month, so I'll keep that for a separate post and talk about my favourite bloggers of this month. I have been loving Isabelle Kate, her makeup is beautiful and I love reading her blog. Another blogger, I have been loving is CharmedCharlee her photography is just gorgeous and I can't get enough of it. Discovering Kelsey on A Girl Obsessed's blog, I have fallen in love with the blog A Balancing Peach - worth the scroll through.

What have you been loving this March?

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8 Beauty Tips

Monday, 21 March 2016

There are many tips that have helped me over the years, I've heard all of these tips I have heard from other people, online or just know from my own experience, so I thought that it would be a good idea to share it with you.

1. Curl your lashes before applying on mascara to keep your lashes long.
2. Exfoliate your lips frequently to keep your lips soft and to make sure your lips don't look dry with lipstick on.
3. Set the concealer under your eyes to ensure that it doesn't crease either with a translucent powder or banana powder.
4. Use a concealer that is not your shade, like a green or pink concealer to hide your dark under eye circles.
5. Use nail polish strengtheners, like the ones I used in my Barry M Nail Care Range Review or Sally Henson nail polishes.
6. Spray your clothes with perfume, it lasts longer even when they've been washed.
7. Use an eyecream for your eyes to reduce concealer creases and puffiness.
8.  Get your eyebrows once a month if you get them threaded as they can last that long.

What beauty tips do you use?

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Beauty Products That Last All Day

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

I am always on the hunt for beauty products that last all day and are worth my money, whether that be fragrances, skincare products or makeup. As months have gone by and I have tried out different products I have managed to write down the products that last all day and ways to make them last just as long.

Purchasing this foundation roughly 10 months ago, this small little bottle has lasted me this long, bear in mind I do not wear makeup every day. With a makeup brush, I do not like the finish that this foundation results in so personally I prefer to use the Real Technique Miracle Sponge damp to apply this on. The result is a lot better, lasts all day and highlights my complexion essentially making my skin look even better! 

Best liquid liners ever! But if I had to pick between the two it would have to be the Matte Black one! I have cried heavily with both of them on and neither smudged. They apply on so well, however, the only thing I would have to say bad about these products would be is that it is hard to take them off. Sometimes I have to use a balm and cleansing water together, just because the formula is hard to take off.

Oh, how I love this perfume. Received this as a present for Christmas and haven't stopped using this perfume on a daily basis. With its woody fresh tone with cedar, amber and peony, this fragrance lasts all day and then some. I don't have to spray this on my clothes all the time because the scent is embedded into my clothing that even after a wash they still smell good. Perfect choice of fragrance. 

High coverage concealer for a relatively cheap price. On the search for high-coverage concealers, I came across this much raved about concealer. Glad I made the choice. The applicator makes it easier to apply on your face, the concealer itself lasts all day and doesn't crease under your eyes especially if you set your concealer. I personally don't like the feeling of wearing makeup, with this concealer it does not feel like I am wearing anything heavy under my eyes. 

Drugstore highlighter that lasts all day, with this palette as a dupe for the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, I thought that it might not live up to the expectations that I had thought. However, I have fallen in love with this. I use it on a daily basis around my face and it gives such an effortless, beautiful glow to my face. As a drugstore product, I had a feeling it would not last all day but it does. The glow stays the same throughout the day. 

Now, I have not bought the full size of this mascara as I got to Clinique all the time so I am always given the sample sizes, I think I currently have 3 sample sizes left. Been using this for a very long time and I have been asked 'if I wear false lashes' which I don't on a daily basis, therefore, I know this mascara is great for the lashes. A way to make your lashes look great with this mascara would have to be curling them before use, to make the curl last much longer. 

What products last all day for you?


A Jo Malone Complimentary Hand & Arm Massage

Sunday, 13 March 2016

jo malone complimentary hand and arm massage

For those who don't know, Jo Malone is a British perfume and scented candle brand owned by Estee Lauder. Known for their expensive, beautiful fragrances, bath oils and candles, Jo Malone has continued to win over the nation's hearts ever since 1999.

Mainly found in Oxford Street and town centres, Jo Malone fulfills a lot of customers needs especially around Christmas and Mother's Day. You can honestly never go wrong with something from Jo Malone for a special event in your life just because it has a wide range of products for you to pick from.
Until recently, I did not know that Jo Malone offer an complimentary hand and arm massage. Finding out only last week, I was quick to decide to get a massage which was absolutely beautiful and a different experience. With its stunning, simple interior and beautiful scents, it was such a relaxing yet informative massage which is recommendable to anyone.


A store full of aromatic fragrances that combine to make a haven full of subtle, sweet scents infused in to their candles, diffusers, colognes, body washes and soaps.


Jo Malone offer hand and arm massages some of them are also found in airports where you can get a massage before getting on any flight. Quite impressive as it relaxes you and makes you smell good before you a long haul.

The massage was roughly 20 minutes long, but worth the short time. First before the massage, you are asked what fragrances you love or would like to know more about. Once asked they use the Body Creme, Cologne and Hand and Body Wash. As my favourite scent is English Pear and Freesia, they mixed together Wild Bluebell as these two colognes work well with each other. Jo Malone fragrances are made to compliment each other so that they can be combined together.

With the use of a handle held whisk, a small amount of the hand and body wash was applied with warm water to create lovely bubbles. Foaming the English Pear and Fressia Hand and Body Wash in a small cup, the wash was then applied on my arms and massaged on to my skin and hands. The bubbles felt incredibly soft on the skin, didn't irritate sensitive skin, essentially leaving your arms feeling silky.  To dry my arms, a hot towel fragranted with their signature Lime Basil & Madarin was used to lock in the moisture and scent. To moisturise the arms, the Wild Bluebell body creme was massaged into my skin, leaving a soft warm base for the cologne. For my cologne choice, the Wild Bluebell fragrance was applied and set. The Wild Bluebell is next on my list to purchase due to its woody, calm scent. 


In the Jo Malone stores, I have visited the service is always friendly, humble and the staff are always hospitable. As the store itself is quite homely and smells delightful. it feels like a fragrant haven where you just want to spend as much money as you can without feeling entirely guilty. All of the products from Jo Malone will last a very long time, whether that be colognes or creams, they seem to last very long with their lingering scents staying embedded in your clothing. 


As I have heard from many people and read a lot of reviews, the Herb Garden collection looked so nice with its beautiful packaging. I had the chance to be introduced into their newly launched fragrance collection - Anne Flipo designed the perfect collection full of unusual, unexcepted yet beautifully scented fragrances. The collection involves Nasturtium & Clover, Lavender & Coriander, Wild Strawberry & Parsley, Sorrel & Lemon Thyme and Carrot Blossom & Fennel. All fragrances resonated with me with reminders of cookery and gardening. With the succulent scents and bright distinct characters to each bottle, the Herb Collection is needed in everyone's perfume collection. Personally, my favourite scents where Nasturtium & Clover, Lavender & Coriander (English Lavender and French Lavender mixed together to create the perfect scent). Such refreshing scents especially advisable for the summer seasons. 


As I fell in love with the combination of English Pear and Freesia with Wild Bluebell, I was given two samples from them which I was glad about as I couldn't get enough of the scents. With the scents not too overpowering, they are able to last a really long time especially with routine they were applied in, so if some of you are seeing that your fragrances do not last long on your skin, follow the routine shown in the massage and you will see a huge difference.  


After this relaxing massage, I wrote down a list of the products that I feel in love with. Here is what is on my Jo Malone wishlist; Mimosa & Cardamom Cologne, Blackberry & Bay Cologne, Lavender & Coriander Cologne, Nasturtium & Clover Cologne, Wild Bluebell Cologne and Body Creme

Just before, I go, I am not sponsored by Jo Malone or anything like that I just absolutely love their products and just wanted to share my experience and thoughts with everyone.
Have you ever had a complimentary hand and arm massage from Jo Malone? Do you like Jo Malone?

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My Favourite Stores

The beginning of Spring is right around the corner, March 20th. Unfortunately, we are coming to the end of the colder seasons which are personally my favourite. I do love wrapping up, wearing oversized jumpers and scarfs, not forgetting the over-the-knee boots. I will miss it a lot, despite the unbearable cold at times I just love Autumn and Winter more! The main shops that I shop at are:

ZARA | I have been obsessed with Zara for many years. I am so obsessed that every time I do go in the store, I have to leave with something even if it's £3. I love the fact that the store has the main theme of neutral colours that already make up my wardrobe. My favourite pieces from Zara would have to be the black and white striped jumper in the above photo and a checkered black and blue dress I got a couple of years ago!

THE WHITE COMPANY| I have been shopping at The White Company for a fairly odd time and love it so much. The inside of the shop is aesthetically pleasing and always smells nice. Their candles are beautiful as well! I am in love with their towels as well as well as their pyjamas which are unbelievably soft and very comfortable.



 What are your favourite shops?

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A Pamper Day & Night

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Oh how I love pamper days, they are usually on Sundays. They are only on Sundays because it is good to have them before the week starts as well as this it puts you in the mood for the rest of week.  I love to schedule out a whole day full of relaxation and meditation. I think that pamper days are important especially if you have had a stressful week or not, they are time for you to reflect, take time out and just recuperate. 

For days like this, I either spend the day watching movies or YouTube videos, mainly comprising of both. Diary Of A Mad Black Woman, The 100, How To Get Away With Murder and Scandal are my favourite things to watch on pamper days - usually repeats of the same episodes. I usually watch these until a certain period where I get tired or my head hurts after continuously having my eyes on a screen. Sometimes I read books or other times I organise things to do in the week in my notebook.

For the evening, it all starts. I run a bubble bath with a LUSH bath bomb, some bath milk of some sort. To make my pamper days a bit better, I am looking to purchase the Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Honey Bath as I have smelt it before and it smells divine! I will definitely have a candle lit, as I do have an obsession with candles. To make my bathroom smell nice, the Bath and Body Works candle in "Fresh Sparkling Snow". It smells divine and makes me happy. In the bath (sounds a bit inappropriate), I usually have a mask. Either I make DIY facial masks, a post on that is coming up soon or the sachets from Superdrug. Some people don't like facial masks as they can irritate the skin but in my experience with Superdrug masks, they don't irritate or cause any reaction to the skin. 

Afterwards, just because I love to deeply exfoliate my skin, I use a exfoliate scrub from St Ives and spend some time scrubbing it in. Then with lukewarm water, I wash my face off. Under my eyes, I like to use either the Clinique All About Eyes Eye cream or REN 7 Active Gel to reduce puffiness. For the rest of my face, I use the Clinique Smart Serum and Aveeno Daily Moisturiser. To tone my face overnight, I spray the Vitamine E Refreshing Toning Mist. For those lips, I use either the Nuxe Reve De Miel lip balm or the Burts Bees Lip Balm to nourish my lips.

What do you do on your pamper days/nights?


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