A Jo Malone Complimentary Hand & Arm Massage

Sunday, 13 March 2016

jo malone complimentary hand and arm massage

For those who don't know, Jo Malone is a British perfume and scented candle brand owned by Estee Lauder. Known for their expensive, beautiful fragrances, bath oils and candles, Jo Malone has continued to win over the nation's hearts ever since 1999.

Mainly found in Oxford Street and town centres, Jo Malone fulfills a lot of customers needs especially around Christmas and Mother's Day. You can honestly never go wrong with something from Jo Malone for a special event in your life just because it has a wide range of products for you to pick from.
Until recently, I did not know that Jo Malone offer an complimentary hand and arm massage. Finding out only last week, I was quick to decide to get a massage which was absolutely beautiful and a different experience. With its stunning, simple interior and beautiful scents, it was such a relaxing yet informative massage which is recommendable to anyone.


A store full of aromatic fragrances that combine to make a haven full of subtle, sweet scents infused in to their candles, diffusers, colognes, body washes and soaps.


Jo Malone offer hand and arm massages some of them are also found in airports where you can get a massage before getting on any flight. Quite impressive as it relaxes you and makes you smell good before you a long haul.

The massage was roughly 20 minutes long, but worth the short time. First before the massage, you are asked what fragrances you love or would like to know more about. Once asked they use the Body Creme, Cologne and Hand and Body Wash. As my favourite scent is English Pear and Freesia, they mixed together Wild Bluebell as these two colognes work well with each other. Jo Malone fragrances are made to compliment each other so that they can be combined together.

With the use of a handle held whisk, a small amount of the hand and body wash was applied with warm water to create lovely bubbles. Foaming the English Pear and Fressia Hand and Body Wash in a small cup, the wash was then applied on my arms and massaged on to my skin and hands. The bubbles felt incredibly soft on the skin, didn't irritate sensitive skin, essentially leaving your arms feeling silky.  To dry my arms, a hot towel fragranted with their signature Lime Basil & Madarin was used to lock in the moisture and scent. To moisturise the arms, the Wild Bluebell body creme was massaged into my skin, leaving a soft warm base for the cologne. For my cologne choice, the Wild Bluebell fragrance was applied and set. The Wild Bluebell is next on my list to purchase due to its woody, calm scent. 


In the Jo Malone stores, I have visited the service is always friendly, humble and the staff are always hospitable. As the store itself is quite homely and smells delightful. it feels like a fragrant haven where you just want to spend as much money as you can without feeling entirely guilty. All of the products from Jo Malone will last a very long time, whether that be colognes or creams, they seem to last very long with their lingering scents staying embedded in your clothing. 


As I have heard from many people and read a lot of reviews, the Herb Garden collection looked so nice with its beautiful packaging. I had the chance to be introduced into their newly launched fragrance collection - Anne Flipo designed the perfect collection full of unusual, unexcepted yet beautifully scented fragrances. The collection involves Nasturtium & Clover, Lavender & Coriander, Wild Strawberry & Parsley, Sorrel & Lemon Thyme and Carrot Blossom & Fennel. All fragrances resonated with me with reminders of cookery and gardening. With the succulent scents and bright distinct characters to each bottle, the Herb Collection is needed in everyone's perfume collection. Personally, my favourite scents where Nasturtium & Clover, Lavender & Coriander (English Lavender and French Lavender mixed together to create the perfect scent). Such refreshing scents especially advisable for the summer seasons. 


As I fell in love with the combination of English Pear and Freesia with Wild Bluebell, I was given two samples from them which I was glad about as I couldn't get enough of the scents. With the scents not too overpowering, they are able to last a really long time especially with routine they were applied in, so if some of you are seeing that your fragrances do not last long on your skin, follow the routine shown in the massage and you will see a huge difference.  


After this relaxing massage, I wrote down a list of the products that I feel in love with. Here is what is on my Jo Malone wishlist; Mimosa & Cardamom Cologne, Blackberry & Bay Cologne, Lavender & Coriander Cologne, Nasturtium & Clover Cologne, Wild Bluebell Cologne and Body Creme

Just before, I go, I am not sponsored by Jo Malone or anything like that I just absolutely love their products and just wanted to share my experience and thoughts with everyone.
Have you ever had a complimentary hand and arm massage from Jo Malone? Do you like Jo Malone?

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