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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

It has been a while since I did an interview on my blog. I am sure you all have heard of BeautyByKelsey, Kelsey. She is one of my favourite bloggers and has been for a very long time. If you don't know about my past interviews, I interview my favourite bloggers so that those who read my blogs get to know more about them behind their blogs as well as their advice.
1.First things first, tell us about yourself?

 I'm a 23-year-old (almost 24!) beauty blogger from the US. I graduated college in 2014 with a degree in Chemistry, so my day job is working in a product development lab! I love catching up on my Bloglovin' feed and watching Audrey Hepburn movies in my free time.

2. Who was/what were your inspirations to starting a blog?

It was 100% Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup. The summer after I graduated, I pretty much read through her entire blog (I had a lot of free time at my old job) and started thinking about how I'd really love to start a blog of my own.

3. Who is on your blogroll?

My favorites at the moment are JHMThat's Just FabulousMakeup-SessionsCindyue, and Tamira Jarrel.

4. Top 5 tips to those who are starting out blogging?

(1) Really research the pros and cons of each blogging platform. I ended up switching from Blogger to Squarespace after about 9 months of blogging and it suits the needs of my blog so much better. 
(2) Run to a craft store and pick up some white poster boards - they really come in handy for photo backgrounds. 
(3) Write about whatever you want to write! All these "tips" posts say to find a specific niche, but I think if you find something you're passionate about, there will always be people who want to read it. 
(4) Join in and become part of the community! Share other bloggers' posts on Twitter if you enjoyed them, comment on other blogs, and join in on Twitter chats! I need to be better at this at the moment, but the blogging community as a whole is so lovely. (5) If you're even vaguely considering starting a blog, just do it! 

5.Where do you see yourself personally and blogging wise in next 5 years?

Personally I'd like to probably be married in five years time and have two corgis instead of children - I'm going to name them Waffle and Otto. I hope my blog can continue to grow and maybe become a bit more like a part-time job than a hobby.

6. Apart from your blog, what else do you get up to?

 I really like playing video games with my boyfriend actually. I'm really bad at it, so I mostly just walk around and then let him do the fighting. I got really into Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 when we played them. I also do yoga and ballet in my free time!

7. What are your favourite makeup stores (online and offline)?

SEPHORA. I'm in heaven when I walk into Sephora, and I love ordering online from them too because I get two-day free shipping. I love Beautylish as well, because I can get Charlotte Tilbury bits from there, they ship quickly, and they always come with lovely handwritten notes.

8.  5 makeup products you can't live without?

(1) Anastasia Brow Wiz - I can't leave the house without doing my brows. (2) Maybelline Full N Soft Waterproof Mascara. (3) BareMinerals Complexion Rescue. (4) Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal. (5) Clinique Chubby Stick Highlighter.

9. What are your favourite things about blogging?

 I love that I can share what products I've been loving and why and get into really specific detail, and there are people who actually want to listen! I'm sure my friends and family appreciate me not having to throw all this random beauty knowledge at them all the time anymore. I've actually really grown to love photography as well, and I love constantly trying to improve my content.

10. What does a blogging day consist of you?

 I do most of my blogging on weekends as I have fairly long workdays during the week, so on a weekend morning I'll sit down and plan out my three posts for the week ahead. I'll then spend the next hour or two taking the photos, and at that time I'll take at least five instagram photos to post throughout the week as well. I'll then spend the next hour-ish editing the photos and saving them into a folder I'll easily find later in the week. I won't write all three posts in one sitting, but I do try to at least get a bit of an outline of each post so I know what I want to say. Then during the week, I typically write my posts the night before it goes up. I'm terrible at scheduling tweets and everything to share my new posts, so I should really set aside some time during the week to do that, too.

Thanks so much for interviewing me, Lee!


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