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Sunday, 6 March 2016

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I am a massive skincare junkie, I love makeup a lot but I think that I am a bit more obsessed with skincare than I realise. I just love discovering different ways to better and brighten my skin whether that be with DIY products or just products from the shops. Recently I got some sample products to try out and here are my views.

Clinique Smart Serum, £48

I used to think that serums were only for the older generation and the younger generation shouldn't use it but this serum has changed my views. I am absolutely in love with this serum, I only received the small 10ml sample and I want to buy the full size. I have had this for about 3 weeks and I have used it every single day. To apply it, pump at least twice and rub it into your skin as well as down your neck. It is not thick, very light weight and incredibly moisturising. Just because I have dry skin, I apply my daily moisturiser on over the top but it really isn't necessary. I have seen a massive change in my skin, it is a lot softer and reduced my blemishes as well. This is going to sound weird, but it has also made my nose feel so soft. Yes. Soft.

REN Vita Mineral Active 7 Eye Gel, £20

On my trip to SpaceNK, they gave me this REN Eye cream Gel in a sample size. I have been on the hunt for a Clinique eye cream that can dupe for Clinique All About Eyes as you probably know now that it is my favourite eye cream. It didn't get up to the par of the Clinique All About Eyes but it is a really good eye gel. For those who suffer from puffiness or hayfever, this would be an ideal eye gel for you! I haven't seen much change as I'd like however it has reduced my puffiness a lot under my eyes. It is very light-weight under the eyes, you barely feel like you have it on which is a huge advantage.

NUXE Reve Lip Miel, £9.50

I did a brief review on this lip balm in my Four Of The Best Lip Balms but I have to repeat myself again. I have had this lip balm for more than 3 weeks and I love it. Using it every day, I have seen a change in my lips, they are a lot smoother and more fuller. For the days that you'd so a lip scrub, applying this on afterwards would be great because its nourishes and hydrates your lips. You definitely won't feel like your lips are cracked. Before applying my lipstick/lipliner, I have to apply this on which makes my application a lot better. Also, it lasts a really long time.

skincare, lips, clinique

What skincare products have you been loving so far?


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