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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

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It's the last day of March! Unbelievable. For this month, I have been re-reading a lot of posts overall, obsessing over many blog posts. So for today's post, I thought I'd compile all the posts that I have been loving for the month of March and share it with you guys. These posts have helped me a lot whether that be in expanding my makeup, home inspirations and beauty tips.  How many times did I say 'post'?

Beauty wise, I have been loving a few posts this month. I loveFromRoses' post on ' Where To Save & Where To Spend: Beauty Edition'. I think it was an informative post which not only made my makeup wish list grow longer but also helped me  know that there are more drugstore dupes and savers that would do as good as a job like a high-end product. Also, I loved JasmineTalksBeauty's post on a 'High-End Starter Makeup Kit' including a lot of products that I would love to own, she is an enabler, I'll tell you that haha! Now, I am sure all of you know by now, if you have been reading my blog for a while, I am obsessed with Clinique. This may only be 2 days old but A Girl Obsessed posted a post called ' Trying Out Makeup Doodling' - and there she was. The Clinique Chubby In The Nude Foundation Stick. A must in my makeup bag, her photos and use of the GIF made the post so interesting, fun and informative to read. 

Fashion wise, a deep love of mine. I have obviously got to include InTheFrow, her post on 'Where I Love To Shop For Fashion' was amazing, not only did this include some of her favourite stores but also places where she buys accessories and bags. Oh, how I absolutely love bags. From reading her post, I was able to find out more stores that I could buy clothes from - my purse will not be thanking me. A new blog that I came across this month was LikeTheYogurt, I am absolutely in love with her posts. Scrolling through my Bloglovin' feed, I came across her 'Winter Transitions' post. Oh, her outfits are just beautiful, I would not mind her wardrobe. For those who are in a fashion funk, this post as well as BeautyCrush's posts are just phenomenal. Whenever, I am in need for fashion inspiration, I always find myself on her blog. My favourite outfit would either have to be from 'Foundations' or 'A Mothers Day Pamper In Selfridges'.

Interior Decor, a growing love of mine. Despite my endless scrolling on Pinterest of interior design, flicking through magaazines. There are two posts that were my favourite of this month because they gave me more ideas and their photography is beautiful. To start of with, we all know KateLaVie also known as Gh0stparties. Her post on 'Five Favourite Corners Of My Home' really inspired me. I love the barcart idea and her bathroom, oh her bathroom. Just give it to me. Another post was from TeaPartyBeauty who posted on 'My New Makeup Storage & Collection'. The ice cube tray idea of using it to put her lipsticks in is amazing, her storage looks so clean and I got many ideas as well as links as to where to by my makeup storage from.

What posts of March have helped you out? And which ones did you like?

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