Top 5 Things To Check Off Before Hitting "Publish"

Friday, 4 March 2016

checklist, top 5 things to check off before hitting publish

There are many things to check off your list before hitting publish on any post. As I am still a new blogger, these 5 tips have been really important for me as I am sure they are important for everyone else! Not only this, it will ensure that more people will read your posts!

1. Proof read your posts and spell check. If you can not be asked to re-read your posts, download Grammarly on your laptop. Best thing ever, it proof reads your work and underlines sentences that don't make sense grammatically.

2. Change the ALT Text & photo name. Change the ALT text on your image to something that is SEO Friendly, for example some keywords about your post. For my LFW collection post, on of images I changed my ALT Text to 'LFW, Topshop, Collection'. This makes your post more easier to search in Google.

3. Make sure that all links are correct. It's really awkward if someone who is reading your post clicks on the incorrect link especially if it is an important one! *Reminder: I need to check my links.

4. Add labels. Adding labels makes it easier for people to search anything in the search box on your blog. For example one of the labels I have is 'beauty' when someone types that in the search box of my blog all posts about beauty will come up!

5. Is your title SEO Friendly? Having SEO Friendly titles will increase your traffic and page views, to check whether or not your title is SEO Friendly you can type your title in Co-Schedule Analyser and it will grade your title as well as help you improve on your title. It's extremely helpful and worth using. 

Do you do these things before hitting publish?

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