Drugstore Makeup Worth The Purchase

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Despite my love for high-end products, drugstore makeup products are always amazing with some of them being dupes for the high-end! I have a massive love for the drugstore makeup products, so for today's post, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite drugstore items that are worth the purchase.

I am all about long-lasting products, especially products that don't make me feel like I'm wearing makeup. Mainly, when I am shopping I like to look for products that are fairly lightweight. For the base of my face, I use the LA Pro Girl Concealer. From most people, I hear that this concealer is drying under the eyes but personally for me I do not think that's the case. This concealer is very high coverage, a little bit definitely goes a long way and lasts all day especially in the hot seasons. I would say that this product is worth the purchase as it lasts a very long time, I have had this concealer since August last year.....And there's still a lot of product left. Enough said. To set my concealer, or else you'll definitely see a lot of creases around your eye area, I use the Collection Translucent Setting Powder. After hearing a few reviews on this product, I decided to buy it and I use it nearly every day. Currently, I'm trialling out the Ben Nye Powders but I have been using this powder which I think looks really nice under the eyes, it sets the concealer well and isn't too heavy on the skin.

For that glow, I use the Revlon Highlighting Palette which is my favourite drugstore highlighter at the moment. It is a dupe for the Bobbi Brown Highlighter, it lasts all day and the glow is beautiful in the sun! I do get compliments on it, which for me confirms that my makeup looks good. It's not like the Anatasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits but it's a highlighter for either those subtle days but also adding loads more and a bit of setting spray on your brush makes that highlighter pop!

Moving on to the eye area of your face, my go to mascara is the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. This mascara lengthens my lashes whilst giving it that fake eyelash look! I love the way my lashes look with this mascara, it's my second most favourite mascara after the Clinique High Impact Mascara, For the winged liner, aka my favourite part of makeup, I like to use the MUA liquid liners as they last all day. Tears can't even make these liners move, they are jet black and produce such a lovely wing to my makeup. For beginners, I would not recommend this, I'd recommend Soap & Glory's Eyeliner as it is precise as well as easy to use.

What drugstore makeup do have? Is it worth the purchase?
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4 Steps To A Successful Morning

Thursday, 16 June 2016

garnier micellar water, caudalie, clinique

I am definitely not a morning person, I am trying to get better at being able to wake up early without an alarm by using certain steps to ensure I am happier in the morning. Without an alarm, I find myself waking up around 9-10am but want to wake up a lot earlier just because I feel like that later you sleep the more your day is wasted, however, before I never use to believe that. A successful morning starts here...

10 Min Exercise

The minute I wake up, I like to wake up and do a quick 10-minute exercise which usually includes squats, plank, and crunches. I find that doing a 10-minute exercise in the morning makes me feel a lot better, revived and removes the sleep from my body because most of the time, I'll just go back to bed once I've gotten out. There are a few Pinterest photos that I usually follow (here's an example of one) or watch Blogilates video early in the morning!

Make your bed and clean your space

Cleaning your area before your day continues especially if you work from home clears your mind and enables you to focus more. Besides from this, if you're coming home after a long day and walking back into a dirty room it makes your mood worse as well making you feel dirty. I like to make my bed when I wake up, open my curtains and pick up any dirt around my room to make my process of getting ready easier. 

Hydrate yourself 

Either you're a tea person or water person or both, personally, I am a water person. I like to drink a glass of cold water in the morning which wakes you up entirely as it is extremely cold. A cup of tea makes you feel warm inside and a lot better about your upcoming day. Other than this, hydrating yourself includes using a facial mist on your face, I'd recommend either the Caudalie Grape Water* or the Vitamin E Refreshing Toning Mist. The Caudalie Grape Water is full 100% organic grapes which moisturises your skin at any time of the day! Both of these facial mists work well into the skin, hydrate and nourish the skin before any makeup applications. 

Have a healthy breakfast 

I find that having a healthy, wholesome breakfast makes your day completely better and helps me focus well. The majority of the time, I like to have porridge as it is a hearty quick meal, eggs or fruit are a good option too. I'm sure that a lot of you have to have a quick routine before you leave to go about your days but if I had to emphasise one thing from this post, this would be it! Breakfast goes a long way.

What are your steps to having a successful morning?

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3 Skincare Tips

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

I am a confessed skincare lover, I love everything. I currently have a list of skincare products that I am looking to purchase just because. I'll probably turn into a skincare hoarder! Previously, I wrote a post on 8 beauty tips so I thought it would be right to write a sequel to it, so here is my 3 quick skincare tips. 

1. Always take off your makeup 
It is said many times and heard many times from everyone but it is so important to take off your makeup. Remove the dirt, keep your skin clean and clear away from makeup at night. Essentially letting your skin breathe throughout the night. To take off makeup, I usually use a cleansing balm as its effective or micellar water. 

2. Steam your face.
Steaming your face at least one a month open your pores and freshens your face. The steam removes blackheads whilst also clearing pimples. Apart from the skincare advantages, steaming your face reduces nasal congestion and is a perfect way to cure the common cold.  Steaming your face includes heating water and putting in a bowl, cover your face and hold your face towards to bowl.  Or you can purchase a facial steamer online as welll!  LUSH Cosmetics sell tea tree toners where you put them in the hot water and steam your face.

3. To grow your eyebrows, use natural products.
A key to growing your eyebrows is using castor oil. Castor oil contains Vitamin E and is high in ricinoleic acid which promotes hair growth as well as making them extremely thick. Using this at least 2 times a week will ensure your eyebrow growth. Another way to grow your eyebrows is using an eyebrow oil as well.

What skincare tips do you have to share? Leave your tips in the comments below. 

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Brows 101

Friday, 10 June 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Brows 101, Eyebrows

Eyebrows. You either love them or hate them. I love them but they are extremely high maintenance - the undergrowth, the unibrow, the filling in or if your eyebrows or twins or sisters? I think mine are sisters! For my eyebrows are really important to me as they frame my face and they just have to look good. I envy those who have perfect eyebrows who hardly need to get their eyebrows done but there are ways that you can make your eyebrows look 'on fleek'.


There are many ways to shape and tame your eyebrows. Plucking, waxing or threading are the three main ways to shape your eyebrows. Plucking the eyebrows involves using a tweezer and plucking out the stray hairs that don't fit in with the shape of your desired eyebrow. Waxing is the quickest out of all the three ways as it is applying a hot oil on your eyebrows and using waxing strips to shape your eyebrows. While my favourite method of threading involves a thread and threading your eyebrows. I have been through all three of them and personally threading your eyebrows is the best way to maintain your eyebrows. It lasts longer in my opinion in comparison to waxing which I found lasted me about 2 weeks. On average, my eyebrows can stay in shape for about a month without getting them threaded.

Filling them in

I have only ever used eyebrow pencils as they are just quicker for me to use on a daily basis and I am a little sceptical about using eyebrow promades. However, at the moment I have been loving the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Promade which stays on all day, the promade doesn't rub off and keeps my eyebrows looking fresh.  I alternate between the Sleek Brow Stylist or the MUA eyebrow pencils, I love both of them but if I had to make a preference it would be the Sleek Brow Stylist as it has a crayon-like pencil. 


Tweezers - There will be times where you're doing your makeup or examining your face (we all do it, don't lie) and you come across that stray hair in the middle of your eyebrows or underneath. Tweezers will be your friend, but please do not go overboard and start plucking your eyebrows until they become sticks. I use any tweezers from Superdrug which are very easy to use. 

Scissors - To trim those long eyebrows hairs, any pair of small angled eyebrow scissors would be great. If you haven't had your eyebrows done in a while, it would be ideal to trim your long eyebrow hairs which make your eyebrows look a lot neater. 

Eyebrow spoolies - the majority of eyebrow pencils come with eyebrow brushes so may not need to buy one separately. They are especially essential for blending out any eyebrow product applied to make your eyebrows look natural. 

Keeping eyebrows neat

Concealer - If you haven't your eyebrows done in a while, using concealer underneath your eyebrows to shape them and define them makes your eyebrows look nice. Concealer can also be used on a day to day basis as part of a makeup routine which is mainly used to highlight underneath the brows as well as shape the brows more clearly.

How do you look after your eyebrows?

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ASOS Summer Wishlist

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Summer is finally here and as I am sure a lot of you are aware, there are many sales out at the moment. I am not complaining about the sales but maybe my wallet is! As ASOS is one of my favourite online stores, I thought I'd show you some of the clothing items that are on my wishlist for this summer. Also, ASOS are having a summer sale with 20% off their summer outfits and swimsuits.

Since it's the only shoe item on my wishlist above, I'll start with the Public Desire Pink Court Shoes. I am obsessed with court shoes at the moment just because I love the classy look it gives to any casual outfit. This pink colour is such a beautiful colour for this time of the year and would look great with a neutral outfit and bring it to life.

The hotter months are not complete without some flowy dresses. This YAS Roman Lace Dress is perfect for this time of year, especially for date nights as it's a flirty dress with linen lace that certifies it for a romantic night out. Dresses that can be dressed up or down are the Star Mela Betsie Dress and Jens Pirate Booty Babydoll Dress which pair nicely with gladiator sandals.

I love denim for this time of year, I especially love the denim dresses. This year, I have my eye on the Denim Sleeveless Shirt Dress and a Denim Cutwork Shell Top. For more simplicity, plain basic tops like the ASOS Pleated Cami Top which can be worn with black jeans or a skirt.

What's on your Summer Fashion Wishlist?

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Inside My Makeup Bag

Sunday, 5 June 2016

As I have been away for a while, I thought I'd update you on a few products that I have been loving for the past month. Also, re-discovering a few makeup products for the past month has made my makeup routines a lot faster than normal which is always a plus. Some products I haven't loved a lot and some of which I can't wait to buy again! 

On my usual day to day makeup routine, I alternate between the LA Girl Pro Concealer
and NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. On most days, I prefer the LA Girl Pro Concealer just because it is a high coverage concealer for a drugstore product as well as this, it doesn't dry my under eyes out. Other days, I love to use the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer which is a really good concealer, I love using it on its own especially when I don't want to wear concealer. However, despite their ability to conceal I prefer the LA Girl Concealer to the NARS Radiant Concealer. Unfortunately, it has finished, but I don't want to give up on it because it has so many reviews so I will purchase it again!

I have also been baking on my face, I prefer this method just because I realise that without baking, I don't look that great nor feel like my makeup looks good. So to make sure that I look great, I have been baking with the Collection Sheer Loose Powder which is a very good product. It's lovely on my face, has a great finish and lasts all day. To bake, I use the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge and pile on quite a lot underneath my eyes, leaving it to set for 5 minutes. Once applied on in the morning, I see that this powder lasts until the evening. Another item from Collection, which I purchased many months ago, I have been using the Collection Extreme Felt Tip Liner on days that I can't be asked to have an intense winged liner, I use this on days where I want a natural look.

To powder my face, instead of opting for a powder brush, I have been using an oldie but a good brush from Real Techniques. This brush should be used to blend in foundation, but I have been using this to put on my powder around my face in dabbing motions. There has been a difference in my complexion, as it doesn't look too cakey on the face especially as I only use it around my cheeks and forehead.

What products have you been loving in your makeup bag at the moment?

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