3 Skincare Tips

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

I am a confessed skincare lover, I love everything. I currently have a list of skincare products that I am looking to purchase just because. I'll probably turn into a skincare hoarder! Previously, I wrote a post on 8 beauty tips so I thought it would be right to write a sequel to it, so here is my 3 quick skincare tips. 

1. Always take off your makeup 
It is said many times and heard many times from everyone but it is so important to take off your makeup. Remove the dirt, keep your skin clean and clear away from makeup at night. Essentially letting your skin breathe throughout the night. To take off makeup, I usually use a cleansing balm as its effective or micellar water. 

2. Steam your face.
Steaming your face at least one a month open your pores and freshens your face. The steam removes blackheads whilst also clearing pimples. Apart from the skincare advantages, steaming your face reduces nasal congestion and is a perfect way to cure the common cold.  Steaming your face includes heating water and putting in a bowl, cover your face and hold your face towards to bowl.  Or you can purchase a facial steamer online as welll!  LUSH Cosmetics sell tea tree toners where you put them in the hot water and steam your face.

3. To grow your eyebrows, use natural products.
A key to growing your eyebrows is using castor oil. Castor oil contains Vitamin E and is high in ricinoleic acid which promotes hair growth as well as making them extremely thick. Using this at least 2 times a week will ensure your eyebrow growth. Another way to grow your eyebrows is using an eyebrow oil as well.

What skincare tips do you have to share? Leave your tips in the comments below. 

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