4 Steps To A Successful Morning

Thursday, 16 June 2016

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I am definitely not a morning person, I am trying to get better at being able to wake up early without an alarm by using certain steps to ensure I am happier in the morning. Without an alarm, I find myself waking up around 9-10am but want to wake up a lot earlier just because I feel like that later you sleep the more your day is wasted, however, before I never use to believe that. A successful morning starts here...

10 Min Exercise

The minute I wake up, I like to wake up and do a quick 10-minute exercise which usually includes squats, plank, and crunches. I find that doing a 10-minute exercise in the morning makes me feel a lot better, revived and removes the sleep from my body because most of the time, I'll just go back to bed once I've gotten out. There are a few Pinterest photos that I usually follow (here's an example of one) or watch Blogilates video early in the morning!

Make your bed and clean your space

Cleaning your area before your day continues especially if you work from home clears your mind and enables you to focus more. Besides from this, if you're coming home after a long day and walking back into a dirty room it makes your mood worse as well making you feel dirty. I like to make my bed when I wake up, open my curtains and pick up any dirt around my room to make my process of getting ready easier. 

Hydrate yourself 

Either you're a tea person or water person or both, personally, I am a water person. I like to drink a glass of cold water in the morning which wakes you up entirely as it is extremely cold. A cup of tea makes you feel warm inside and a lot better about your upcoming day. Other than this, hydrating yourself includes using a facial mist on your face, I'd recommend either the Caudalie Grape Water* or the Vitamin E Refreshing Toning Mist. The Caudalie Grape Water is full 100% organic grapes which moisturises your skin at any time of the day! Both of these facial mists work well into the skin, hydrate and nourish the skin before any makeup applications. 

Have a healthy breakfast 

I find that having a healthy, wholesome breakfast makes your day completely better and helps me focus well. The majority of the time, I like to have porridge as it is a hearty quick meal, eggs or fruit are a good option too. I'm sure that a lot of you have to have a quick routine before you leave to go about your days but if I had to emphasise one thing from this post, this would be it! Breakfast goes a long way.

What are your steps to having a successful morning?

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