10 Things To Do This Summer

Monday, 18 July 2016

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It's finally Summer! As the year goes by, the season gets hotter, the clouds quickly move and the feeling gets sweater there are many things that you can do. The aim that most people have each summer is to be as active as can be and go everywhere!

1. Go on Holiday - I am sure that some of you have already booked holidays this summer but if not it is never too late to book a holiday. Either you'd like to go somewhere exotic or cold, book your holiday asap!

2. Visit the gym as much as you can - Going to the gym doesn't essentially mean going to work out, tone your body but it can be a time out for yourself, taking some time out and take part in a class whether that be yoga or aerobics. This will allow you for some thinking time as well as the importance of being alone sometimes.

3. Participate in a run or sponsored walk - There are always many runs and walks around the summer period, why not take part and get people to sponsor you? Participate for a good cause like raising money for cancer research.

4. Go to an outdoor cinema - There are loads of outdoor cinemas wherever which you could visit. Find out their programme and pop down, this would be a good idea with your friends or even as a date!

5. Go to a concert - As it is summer, there are always loads of concerts on at the moment for different genres.

6. Go on a road trip with friends - if you have a car, call up some friends and plan a road trip around the country! Find some places to stay.....

7. Stay in an Air B&B - or stay in an Air B&B anywhere! You could stay in Paris, England, New York and many many more.

8. Do a massive shopping haul - this is definitely one of my plans this summer! I do love a good shopping trip online and outside!

9. Visit a food festival - any excuse for food. There are always loads of food festivals on around, definitely worth checking out and exploring new foods.

10. Host a house party - whether that be a BBQ or indoor party, summer is definitely the best time and place to host a party!

What will you be doing this summer?
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