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Thursday, 21 July 2016

As there is a lot of us that spend the majority of our day on our phones, scrolling through social media, taking random photos of different objects, snapchatting loads and obviously playing Pokemon Go! For today's post, I thought I'd show you some of my favourite apps at the moment on my phone!

 I use this app every single day. Mainly I use this app at night and use it to set out my day as well as how I would like my day to go. Fortunately, this app enables you to set reminders on each task that you would like to complete, I am definitely forgetful as times and lazy!

I must say I used to be addicted to tumblr, continously reblogging everything and anything. But nowadays, I don't reblog as much as I use to. My addiction has gone! Some of my favourite blogs at the moment has to be:

I think that nearly everyone loves this app. I spend a lot of my time scrolling through the 'Explore' page looking at new accounts, watching new makeup videos. My current favourite thing to do is watch workout videos, copying them and see some good results. If you are looking to do some exercise I'd recommend this!

Healthy Teeth
Now, this is weird. I know. I discovered this app on the App store and decided to give it a go! It sets reminders for you ( yes there is a theme of reminding me) to tell you when you brush your teeth, you can obviously change this whenever you want. To ensure that you are brushing your teeth to the correct standard time needed, there is a timer on the app which you could use! Also, there is an instruction tab which tells you how to brush your teeth effectively as well.

Pokemon GO
EVERYONE has this app on their phone, everyone is talking about this app. Ok, maybe not everyone but at least 95% of people are playing this game. I have been playing this game but not that much, I am only on level 3 to be honest, I need to up my game. I like this game and the fact that it is encouraging people to go out. However, do stay safe when playing this game as I have heard quite a few tragic stories.

What are your favorite apps on your phone?

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