The Home Decor Inspo

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

I have always been interested in home decor, my days consists of scrolling through Instagram photos of homes and my weekends on Pinterest. I am a huge Pinterest fan and I get most of my home decor ideas from there as I am slowly making my way to purchasing more items,  I thought for today's post I'd share my favourite pins that I am currently in love with!

The "Minimalist Look" | My personal favourite colour scheme would have to be alone the lines or white/grey/silver/rose gold/blush pink. Such an odd mix but I really do love those colours together, especially the marble trend. One of the homes that I am in love with has to be Rachel's house (Rachel Parcell) - her house essentially matches my whole aesthetic!

The "Airy Places" | In order to make a small room look big is by putting mirrors and having open windows in order to create the illusion of a big room. Not only this, by putting mirrors and having open windows creates those airy places that look clear, clean and crisp. The kind of the look that I am in love with at the moment.

The "Vintage Old Wood" | I am in love with old wood, I love the worn out wood and brick walls, etc. Personally, for me, I feel like wood makes a place look different as well as this, dependent on the specific wood it makes an area look incredibly unique to each home. Certain woods like the ones listed below really make a room look alive as well as create life into it especially if surrounded by one dominant colour.

The "Odd Art" | Currently, I am enjoying calligraphy (something that I would love to take up) especially with quotes that mean a lot. I'm also loving photos of scenery in the unknown places of the world. Something about questioning where the photo was taken creates a sense of wanting to explore and curiosity. As well as wood, art for me seems to create a personality to a room just like Kate La Vie's idea of a wall of sayings, etc. I would love a wall full of art like the ones listed below.

The "Candle Explosion" | I am a huge candle lover, if I had loads of money most of it would go on candles in particular candles from Diptique, Bath and Body Works and The White Company. I do love candles that look appealing but I'm more into candle holders! Candle holders that look like lanterns/huge boxes are so beautiful.

What are your favourite home decor trends?

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Bank Holiday Weekend Deals

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Morning. As I am sure you are all aware it is currently bank holiday and there are so many deals on at the moment. some of which I can't even keep up with myself. I have participated in a bit of the bank holiday weekend deals and I think you should too, haha. The Bank Holiday Offers end between 29th -30th August, however, the limited time will be listed below. There are many sales below, there are also some affiliate links below which I will get a small commission from if you don't want that to happen you can easily type in the website yourself. Also, if you follow me on Twitter every hour there will be a new bargain!

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Save 15% when you spend £75!

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Hope you have a lovely weekend and keep shopping!

My First Ever Primer!

Friday, 26 August 2016

I'll be honest, I've never used a primer up until now. I never used to apply primer on my face even though I knew it was important, I've had many recommendations but due to my sensitive skin I was entirely apprehensive about picking one, so I didn't. Luckily, I received a primer from Clinique as part of their free loyalty card gifts, so here's what I thought.

Just like other Clinique products, the Universal Primer doesn't have a specific scent like strawberry or vanilla but it is fragrance free. I do like products that don't have a fragrance just in case my sensitive skin reacts to it. So if you have sensitive skin, this would work well. On my first impression, I saw that this primer bought a little glow to my face but also making it easier for my foundation to cling on to throughout the day. As of now, we are in the hottest season and using this primer has definitely seen my makeup last all day.

The primer is a white, translucent cream which is can be easily blended on to the skin. I use half a squeeze on the tips of my fingers and mainly apply it around the most important areas like my nose, T - Zone and chin. Sometimes, I apply it on my lids for extra prevention, I hate when it's extremely hot and your eye shadow is moving everywhere! After applying this primer, it doesn't tighten my skin or make it feel dry it essentially hydrates my skin whilst delivering a subtle glow. It feels extremely light on the skin especially after applying layers of makeup!

The great thing about this primer is that it is universal to any skin tone so anyone is able to use this. Would I say that it blurs out my blemishes? Not entirely, I wouldn't, however, it does make your face matte. Not making the complexion entirely dry but a soft, easy canvas whilst also lightly smoothing out my complexion for makeup application. I'm really in love with this primer, can't wait to add more to my collection!

Have you tried the Clinique Universal Primer? Any other sensitive skin primers I should use?

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ASOS Autumnal Wishlist

Monday, 22 August 2016

It is nearly autumn which means a change in fashion, makeup, and lifestyle! Autumn has to be one of my favourite season, due to the fact that it is not entirely cold but not summer, it's the season where you can wear a dress with knee high boots. It is the season where it still doesn't get dark quickly and it's the season, more importantly, before Christmas. As Autumn is literally peeking around the corner, I thought I'd share my autumnal fashion wishlist.

One of the items that is on my list this autumn/winter is black heeled boots which would look nice with light-wash jeans and this ASOS V-Neck Jumper. So simple but yet stylish. Or these boots would also look lovely with the ASOS Cashmere Knit Tunic Dress on an Autumn evening. Boots are one of the easiest shoes to pair with because they go with nearly everything, that's why on my autumn wishlist the ASOS Effie Leather Ankle Boots are at the top followed by another colour other than black which is ALDO's Fearian Leather Ankle Boots.

I am definitely a person of leisure and relaxing. All I do honestly is lounge around in jogging bottoms and oversized shirts, so to add to my collection jogging bottoms I really like the look of these ASOS Harem Joggers, they look so comfortable and I love the colour of them! These would look really nice with some white trainers like the model is wearing below. For that onesie look, I love the colour of this One Day Tall Wrap Jumpsuit which will be easy for days where you don't want to wear a lot or put a lot of thought into your outfit.

I do love dresses, despite the weather getting a bit colder it is still possible to wear dresses like ASOS Wrap Maxi Dress for weddings, dinners or more! This would look nice with a long black dress something along the length of this ASOS Duster Coats. Long coats really look nice on evenings out, they create the model look. Even though long coats are beautiful, nothing can beat a bomber jacket. Bomber jackets were on everyone's list this year even mine but as it is getting colder it is necessary to have those warm bomber jackets like the ASOS Denim Washed Faux Collar Bomber Jacket!

What is on your autumnal wishlist?

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Blogging Tips That I Have Learnt

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

For the past week, I have been judging one of the categories in the Bloggers Blog Awards hosted by TeaPartyBeauty. I have had a blast, it has been a long time of continuously staring at my screen, scrolling through posts, reading them and checking out their comments. Through my judging experience, I thought I'd share with you the tips that I have learnt which have made me want to improve my blog as well as help you too! A Little disclaimer: I'm not telling you HAVE to do this or that, just sharing my tips.

Make sure your blog has an archive.

If you've read some of TeaPartyBeauty's tweets you'll probably see her talk about archives. Having an archive it so important becuase it so much harder to find old blog posts and to see frequently people post. Why? For potential advertisers, they may want to browse through some of your posts to see whether or not you fit in their brand/blog/business. 

 Reply back to at least 80% of your comments.

Taking a little time to reply to your comments on your blog will show that you care about what people say therefore conveying the aspect of thankfulness. You don't have to reply to every single one, it would be nice, but if you get over 100 per day it may be a bit hard but it's all worth a little try.

 If you have changed/bought a domain, make sure you've changed it everywhere.

I have recently bought my own domain (horraaay) and I have been spending a while trying to ensure that my URL has been changed everywhere so that people don't find it hard to find. Try to tell your followers on social media by linking your blog!

Make sure your blog is easy to use.

Try to make sure that your blog is easy to use for your followers and anyone else viewing your blog. Ensure that your pages are clear to see, the dates of your posts are clear and the comment box is also clear. Basically, clarity is important for your blog. 

 Make sure all your pages link to what is advertised.

If you've purchased a new theme or changed around your blog by adding in pages, it is worth taking your time to check whether your pages are linked to the correct thing. Why? People who follow your blog, potential advertisers, etc checking your blog may want to check out everything but can't due to the error in your format. Not only should you check all your pages but also any affiliate links in your posts which I spoke about on Things To Do To Your Blog Each Month.  

Post regularly.

I know that it is hard to post all the time or every day due to life. Some of us have jobs, university or school so it definitely is hard to keep up with such blog posts but try and make it an aim to post at least 10 posts per month. That doesn't mean that they have to be 10 posts over the course of a week, attempt to spread it out throughout the month where you can blog your days away. How? Plan a month ahead, write down ideas/titles for 10 posts and draft them!

Use at least 30% of your social media.

Social media is spoken about a lot in the blogging world. Keeping up with the social world is important for your blog because you can increase your traffic but also widen the amount of people that follow your blog. The more diverse your social media is (Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) the more people to read your blog. You don't have to post every day on it but just keep it touch with it every now and then so that your followers know that you are alive and well.

What blogging tips have you learnt?

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Its The Small Things

Sunday, 14 August 2016

You've probably heard a saying along the lines of 'it's the small things' whether that be 'it's the small things in life that make you happy' or 'it's the small things in life'. On days where we are down, not bothered about doing anything, it is good knowing that the small things can make you feel good or happy. Not only on days when you are down sometimes. Here are some of the small things that you could make you feel happy.

Baking | I love baking. I'm always baking, when I am baking I am in my own little world quiet and way from the world. I spend my baking time drowsed in self-raising flour and endlessly trying to perfect my icing. Not everyone loves to bake, not everyone thinks that they can bake but baking is such a fun thing to do by yourself. Small things to bake which are fun and easy would be chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cupcakes, Victoria Sponge cake or scones.

Photography | I am continuously trying to improve my photography. Currently, I am in the process of trying to find out a new camera for personal and blogging use. Taking random photos outside especially take your mind off things, solely, putting your energy in taking beautiful photos. Try taking photos in beautiful areas like parks, gardens and streams.

Watching your favourite film | Small things like watching your favourite film can lift up your mood. Comedy films are the best genre to watch whenever you want because they can only make you laugh. I love films like Bad Boys Trilogy, White Chicks and Rush Hour to watch. Also, old Disney films and those films that can always seem to make your mood better are the best way forward.

Trying out new makeup items | Maybe you've purchased some new products and you haven't tried them out yet. Spend some time putting your makeup on or find a makeup look that you love and try to copy it if you'd like. Sometimes a sharp wing, gorgeous lashes and a blended crease can make one feel great.

Walking | Getting a bit of fresh air. Put on some comfortable shoes, take a walk outside for a while. Listen to some music on the way if it cools you down, sometimes music can make you dance in the street. But go for it, why not? If it makes you happy then daannnceeeee child.

Going to the gym | Taking out any stress on the treadmill and stair master is the best thing. Spending at least an hour in the gym running, pushing, lunging can make you feel good. Despite the ache afterwards, the good sweating feeling after the great workout can boost your mood!

Gardening | Taking some time out with the great outdoors. Build a tree, build some plants. If not, go to a garden centre and purchase some plants, decorate your garden and feel proud. Add something that makes you feel great about going into your garden.

Changing your room around | Feng shui. Changing your room around, adding new items in, changing your bed sheets can improve your mood. Small things like putting a blanket over your bed, changing your pillows or painting your door.

What small things make you happy?

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My Blogging Routine

Saturday, 13 August 2016

For today's post, I wanted to do something different. I thought I'd talk you through a small insight into my routine in regards to blogging, starting from planning to clicking the publish button. Enjoy!


I like to plan my posts a month or two in advance but if I am extremely excited about the month, I plan 3 months in advance. Other times, I just sit down and plan a whole month a couple days before the month even starts. I will not lie, I've already started to plan December's blog posts but my current 20 Days Of August was planned 10 days before August even started. As I do post now 4 times a week, I plan my whole month on Microsoft Excel. Before planning on the computer, usually, I write plans down in a notebook or on my phone. In Mircosoft Excel, I write down all the days I'll be posting and the titles of my posts.

Writing (Part 1):

Personally, I do not fuss about what order I do things, whether it is writing my post first or taking my photos first. At the moment, I am writing my posts first in which as I write a picture essentially comes to life. A blog post for me on average takes roughly 2 - 4 hours to write if it has been planned properly, however, if not it takes 1-2 days. After writing for those hours, I add all my affiliate links and links to any previous posts that may be included in the post.


 After writing at least 2 posts,  I take a break and start thinking about the way I want my photo to look. This all depends on whether I want it to be a flat-lay or not, whether I want there to be a marble background or a white background. On days where I'm a bit unsure about what I wanted my photos to look like I do get inspiration from Pinterest or spend my time in craft shops for some props.


To edit my photos, I use the free App Fotor which I love. It's so easy to use and due to the camera I use, it doesn't take long to fix my photos. I have used Photoshop for a bit and I did enjoy using it, so I might purchase it for my blog. To edit my photos on Instagram, I usually send my photos through onto my phone or I take them on my phone. My favourite apps for editing on iPhone would have to be Afterlight and Aviary - both two great apps for a daily basis.

Writing (Part 2):

When I do write bulk posts, I like to do it in Microsoft Word or even in Blogger where I write as much as I can for a whole day. On most days I can write up to 3 posts but most of the time, I do bulk writing on weekends. As by now I have probably written a few posts which need to tweaking or adding more in my posts, I spend my weekends writing a bit more and scheduling the upcoming posts for the week.

Hitting Publish:

Once I hit publish, I spend roughly 10 minutes posting my new post to all my social media sites. I schedule my tweets via Buffer, I post my photo on Instagram, I pin my post to Pinterest and share my post to Google+. This is in order to make sure that all my followers will be able to see that I have a new post up!!!

If you are a blogger, what is your blogging routine like?

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