22 Lifestyle Posts Ideas

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Previously, I have done a post on 40 beauty blog post ideas so today I thought I'd do a blog post on lifestyle posts for you all!

1. A baking post.
2. A Summer's DIY.
3. How to manage stress.
4. Favourite blog posts of all time.
5. Favourite places to eat out on a date.
6. If you are going out this summer, a strawberry picking blog post.
7. A Summer Day Out where ever you live.
8. Host a Q&A online.
9. Your favourite apps on your phone.
10. If you go to the gym, document your favourite workouts.
11. Write a letter to yourself to the past you.
12. Write a post all about your favourite books.
13. What to do when you are bored.
14. How to get over a cold ASAP.
15. DIY Hair Masks (coming soon to this blog).
16. If you are on a hair journey, what's your top tips for growing your hair.
17. Favourite motivational books to read.
18. Lifetime goals.
19. What are you proud of ?
20. A successful story.
21. Why did you start blogging?
22. Blogging goals.

Hope this helps anyone who is in blogging rut!

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