A Guest's Guide To A Summer Wedding

Saturday, 6 August 2016

A guest's guide to a summer's wedding

It’s August, some of you reading this most likely have a wedding/s coming up within this month and as it is summer, it will be different than a winter wedding. There are some essentials that you will need for a summer wedding, have you made sure that your summer’s wedding checklist is finally complete?
1.       Have you checked the weather for that day?

2.       Have you bought your shoes? Are they comfortable? Will you be able to dance in them?

3.       What’s the dress code?

4.       Will you be wearing a dress / suit?

5.       Have you bought the dress?

6.       Have you got the makeup needed for the day?

7.       What bag will you be carrying? Clutch or handbag?

8.       What transport will you be taking to the wedding?

9.       Have you bought the newlywed couple a gift or a card?

10.   Will you be getting your hair done?
Pinterest has loads of hairstyle inspo on there, here are a few of the hairstyles that I am loving from there that would be great for a Summer's wedding.

11.   Will you take a scarf or coat when it gets a bit colder in the evening?

12. What will you be your scent of the day?

Are you going to a summer wedding this month?

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