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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

For the past week, I have been judging one of the categories in the Bloggers Blog Awards hosted by TeaPartyBeauty. I have had a blast, it has been a long time of continuously staring at my screen, scrolling through posts, reading them and checking out their comments. Through my judging experience, I thought I'd share with you the tips that I have learnt which have made me want to improve my blog as well as help you too! A Little disclaimer: I'm not telling you HAVE to do this or that, just sharing my tips.

Make sure your blog has an archive.

If you've read some of TeaPartyBeauty's tweets you'll probably see her talk about archives. Having an archive it so important becuase it so much harder to find old blog posts and to see frequently people post. Why? For potential advertisers, they may want to browse through some of your posts to see whether or not you fit in their brand/blog/business. 

 Reply back to at least 80% of your comments.

Taking a little time to reply to your comments on your blog will show that you care about what people say therefore conveying the aspect of thankfulness. You don't have to reply to every single one, it would be nice, but if you get over 100 per day it may be a bit hard but it's all worth a little try.

 If you have changed/bought a domain, make sure you've changed it everywhere.

I have recently bought my own domain (horraaay) and I have been spending a while trying to ensure that my URL has been changed everywhere so that people don't find it hard to find. Try to tell your followers on social media by linking your blog!

Make sure your blog is easy to use.

Try to make sure that your blog is easy to use for your followers and anyone else viewing your blog. Ensure that your pages are clear to see, the dates of your posts are clear and the comment box is also clear. Basically, clarity is important for your blog. 

 Make sure all your pages link to what is advertised.

If you've purchased a new theme or changed around your blog by adding in pages, it is worth taking your time to check whether your pages are linked to the correct thing. Why? People who follow your blog, potential advertisers, etc checking your blog may want to check out everything but can't due to the error in your format. Not only should you check all your pages but also any affiliate links in your posts which I spoke about on Things To Do To Your Blog Each Month.  

Post regularly.

I know that it is hard to post all the time or every day due to life. Some of us have jobs, university or school so it definitely is hard to keep up with such blog posts but try and make it an aim to post at least 10 posts per month. That doesn't mean that they have to be 10 posts over the course of a week, attempt to spread it out throughout the month where you can blog your days away. How? Plan a month ahead, write down ideas/titles for 10 posts and draft them!

Use at least 30% of your social media.

Social media is spoken about a lot in the blogging world. Keeping up with the social world is important for your blog because you can increase your traffic but also widen the amount of people that follow your blog. The more diverse your social media is (Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) the more people to read your blog. You don't have to post every day on it but just keep it touch with it every now and then so that your followers know that you are alive and well.

What blogging tips have you learnt?

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