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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

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July ended last week and we are already 3 days into August. July has been a tiring month and a bit of a hectic month but as usual it is time to share my July Favourites.

I first got a sample of this product back in December and I instantly fell in love with it! It is a perfect lightweight, gel like cream that ensures your face feels completely moisturised, hydrated and nourished. Applying this twice a day keeps my face completely clean and good for my sensitive skin. It’s true, using the 3-Step Clinique Skincare System works well. Before using this, I wash my face with the Clinique Facial Soap and within a couple of days you will definitely see a difference. Your skin will look younger and vibrate as well as applying makeup is much easier with a smoother base.

Having tried the Clinique Even Better Foundation and Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer, I knew that the new foundation stick would not let me down. There will be a full, in-depth review on this product on my blog. But on a brief note, this foundation stick is easy for a day to day basis, it is full coverage as well as being easily buildable plus it blends extremely well.

I have been using this app for the past two months and it is extremely helpful. I use it nearly every day, fortunately, it sets reminders for me and I am constantly crossing off tasks on a daily basis. There are many to-do lists apps out there but currently,this is the one app that is helping me .

Lily | Pintsizedbeauty

If you follow me on Twitter and if you’ve read my interview with her on my blog, you’ll probably know that Lily is one of my favourite bloggers. She’s very sweet and humble, she works very hard with her blog especially those photos. My goodness, I have blog/photo envy! Make sure you’re following her!

I have been a fitness head for the past two months, you have probably noticed from my two posts during the month. I have been changing my lifestyle by improving my fitness routine!. I have been following a lot of fitness Instagrams and personal trainers on Snapchat such as J.Crvz.

What were your July Favourites?

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