My First Ever Primer!

Friday, 26 August 2016

I'll be honest, I've never used a primer up until now. I never used to apply primer on my face even though I knew it was important, I've had many recommendations but due to my sensitive skin I was entirely apprehensive about picking one, so I didn't. Luckily, I received a primer from Clinique as part of their free loyalty card gifts, so here's what I thought.

Just like other Clinique products, the Universal Primer doesn't have a specific scent like strawberry or vanilla but it is fragrance free. I do like products that don't have a fragrance just in case my sensitive skin reacts to it. So if you have sensitive skin, this would work well. On my first impression, I saw that this primer bought a little glow to my face but also making it easier for my foundation to cling on to throughout the day. As of now, we are in the hottest season and using this primer has definitely seen my makeup last all day.

The primer is a white, translucent cream which is can be easily blended on to the skin. I use half a squeeze on the tips of my fingers and mainly apply it around the most important areas like my nose, T - Zone and chin. Sometimes, I apply it on my lids for extra prevention, I hate when it's extremely hot and your eye shadow is moving everywhere! After applying this primer, it doesn't tighten my skin or make it feel dry it essentially hydrates my skin whilst delivering a subtle glow. It feels extremely light on the skin especially after applying layers of makeup!

The great thing about this primer is that it is universal to any skin tone so anyone is able to use this. Would I say that it blurs out my blemishes? Not entirely, I wouldn't, however, it does make your face matte. Not making the complexion entirely dry but a soft, easy canvas whilst also lightly smoothing out my complexion for makeup application. I'm really in love with this primer, can't wait to add more to my collection!

Have you tried the Clinique Universal Primer? Any other sensitive skin primers I should use?

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