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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

I have always been interested in home decor, my days consists of scrolling through Instagram photos of homes and my weekends on Pinterest. I am a huge Pinterest fan and I get most of my home decor ideas from there as I am slowly making my way to purchasing more items,  I thought for today's post I'd share my favourite pins that I am currently in love with!

The "Minimalist Look" | My personal favourite colour scheme would have to be alone the lines or white/grey/silver/rose gold/blush pink. Such an odd mix but I really do love those colours together, especially the marble trend. One of the homes that I am in love with has to be Rachel's house (Rachel Parcell) - her house essentially matches my whole aesthetic!

The "Airy Places" | In order to make a small room look big is by putting mirrors and having open windows in order to create the illusion of a big room. Not only this, by putting mirrors and having open windows creates those airy places that look clear, clean and crisp. The kind of the look that I am in love with at the moment.

The "Vintage Old Wood" | I am in love with old wood, I love the worn out wood and brick walls, etc. Personally, for me, I feel like wood makes a place look different as well as this, dependent on the specific wood it makes an area look incredibly unique to each home. Certain woods like the ones listed below really make a room look alive as well as create life into it especially if surrounded by one dominant colour.

The "Odd Art" | Currently, I am enjoying calligraphy (something that I would love to take up) especially with quotes that mean a lot. I'm also loving photos of scenery in the unknown places of the world. Something about questioning where the photo was taken creates a sense of wanting to explore and curiosity. As well as wood, art for me seems to create a personality to a room just like Kate La Vie's idea of a wall of sayings, etc. I would love a wall full of art like the ones listed below.

The "Candle Explosion" | I am a huge candle lover, if I had loads of money most of it would go on candles in particular candles from Diptique, Bath and Body Works and The White Company. I do love candles that look appealing but I'm more into candle holders! Candle holders that look like lanterns/huge boxes are so beautiful.

What are your favourite home decor trends?

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