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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

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Ever since starting my blog, I have read endless blog posts on improving my SEO, recycling old content and making the perfect media kit. Starting in January, I have been attempting to improve my blog as much as I can, recently I purchased my own domain. As I still consider myself as a beginner and a new blogger, I thought I'd share with you the top things that I do each month and are improving on.

        Recycle your old content, not everyone will be reading what you posted a month ago

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll probably know that I tweet all of my old posts nearly every day.  I do this because not everyone will read what you posted 5 weeks ago or even 4 days ago, so by sharing your old posts will increase the page views to each post thus increasing your Twitter traffic. 

Make sure any affiliate links are linked to products that are not out of stock

If  you are with affiliate programmes etc and you are constantly using the links in your posts. It is important each month for you to check whether or not the links in your blog post are out of stock. It is not a good experience for your readers and makes it a bit annoying at times. If you are in an affiliate programme like Shopstyle they have a sold out widget which helps you replace any sold-out items in your saved widgets. It would be great if there were alternatives to the product you linked for your readers to find out! Especially if they are dupes of the original product, everyone loves a good dupe.

Check that your Google Analytics is tracking your page correctly

I am still trying to check whether or not my tracking code is stored correctly. However, if you are as useless as I am on Google Analytics, Stephanie has a good post on understanding Google Analytics. Essentially, make sure that you are tracking your page correctly in order to get the right amount of unique visitors, etc. This is important in case a company/brand/blogger as for your stats so that you have in-depth knowledge on your blog.

Make sure your privacy policy/legal page is correct

If you haven't made a legal page/privacy policy page, you may need to. This is essential if you use Google Adsense, affiliate programmes like RewardStyle and Shopstyle in order to make your readers aware that your blog uses cookies. As a privacy policy includes how your blog will gather information about those who visit your blog, you need to ensure that your readers are awake therefore creating a sense of trust between the two. For more information on making a privacy policy for your blog, do read Google's help, it's extremely helpful.

 Download Grammarly to proof read your posts/pages

One of the best things ever. I'll be honest, I do sometimes forget to proof read my blog but luckily enough ever since discovering Grammarly it has helped me so much. It is like Microsoft Word where it underlines the words that are spelt wrong/grammatically incorrect. If you make your account premium then Grammarly will make sure that you correct many advanced issues such as wordy sentences and passive voice misuse. Once you download this it can be used everywhere on your internet especially in your emails. I do recommend this app to anyone who writes a lot and importantly, who has a blog.

What things do you to your blog every month? Any more tips that you have?

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