What To Do Before You Sleep

Thursday, 11 August 2016

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Are there ever days where you don't sleep well? Are there ever days where you find it hard to sleep? As we are all human, we all have these issues at least once a month. If this does continuously happen, it is worth getting it checked out by a doctor. As I also do have this issues, I thought I'd share with you some of the things I do before I sleep. Little disclaimer: I'm not telling you that if you do all of this you will fall asleep, just sharing a few tips that I do when I struggle to.

Read a book: This is extremely basic but for me has the most impact out of all the tips I have listed below. Reading at least 2 to 3 chapters clears my mind before I sleep especially after a tiring day. I find that reading a book directly sends me off to sleep without any hesitation. Find your favourite book that you wouldn't mind reading again or even purchase some new books, turn off all electronics and read your book in a peaceful comfortable position. 

Write in a diary: Spend your evening writing in your diary about what you have done on your day. Purchasing a journal is great because you can look back in a years time on things that you used to do but also is your own personal outlet. On some nights you may not want to speak to anyone and having a journal allows you to write anything you want without any limits.

Plan out my day ahead: On days where it is late and I find myself not being able to sleep, I like to plan my next day on my phone or even write it down. I spend at least 15 minutes writing down everything that I want to do the next day and make sure that I do it. Not only will this help you fall asleep because you are not paying attention at trying to sleep it makes you feel productive.

Have a bath, not a shower: This is one of the things that we all know and love. Having a warm, bubble bath at the end of the day sets you for the best night sleep. What should you do in order to have a good bath? Purchase one of your favourite bath bombs or a bath creme brulee/ bath milk. Make sure your bath is extra bubbly, light as many candles as you want (but don't burn yourself) and set them around your bathroom. Now would be the great time to have a glass of wine (drink responsibly) or some water. At this point, it's all dependent on what makes you feel relaxed whether that be reading a book, watching a film, catching up on YouTube videos, listening to some calming music or relaxing in silence.

What do you do before you sleep? Do you ever have difficulties falling asleep?

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