August Favourites

Friday, 2 September 2016

Another month, another edition of monthly favourites. Not going to go into how fast August went because I am sure that we all felt it, but as we are now in the second day of the new month its time to talk about my favourites.

Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask | I have been in love with this mask for the past month, it has been one of my go-to masks for when I feel like my skin needs a bit of a pick me up or even on a pamper night. This affordable seaweed mask is full of Sea Buckthorn as well which helps detoxify the skin, after using this masks a couple of times I have seen an improvement in my complexion. The mask leaves my skin with a subtle glow, it has reduced some of black heads around my trouble areas but also compliments my sensitive skin.

Vitamin E Facial Mist | I have an in-depth review on the Vitamin E Facial Mist but I just love it a lot. This month especially has proven how much this facial mist has helped improve on my uneven skin tone with the combination of using this with my Clinique Facial Soap, the full-proof combo works together to provide a hydrated base for my everyday makeup and more!

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder | Remember when I said before that I didn't like this powder
because of the finish that it gave? Well, I have changed the way that I apply this powder underneath my eyes. After watching Makeup By Samuel, I decided to change my makeup skills, he applies translucent powder on his hand and then with a brush/beauty blender. I have found that especially with this powder it sets better and appears better on my skin tone.

Chubby In The Nude Foundation Stick | This month I have been doodling all over my face with this foundation stick. It has been weird as I am used to liquid foundations but it has been really good. It's so much quicker for my everyday basis, it is so easy to blend in with a damp beauty blender or even a foundation brush. Definitely one of the top favourites for this month.

Bomber Jackets | Am I late? I think I am, bomber jackets this month have been my favourite especially this Blush Pink Bomber Jacket from Zara. Zara's bomber jackets have been my favourite but I am also eyeing the Topshop Bomber Jackets as well.

POWER | At the end of July one of my favourite TV shows came back and for the past month, I have been watching it every Sunday. For those that don't know what Power is about, I'll give you a rough idea without spoiling anything. Power is about a guy who is a drug dealer but also a businessman who has a wife and children, however,  he gets confused and caught between the two in which he has to choose which career path he'll choose in the end. It's a really good TV series and is just getting better.

Great British Bake Off | I don't know if this is allowed to count but I'm going to add it anyway. The Great British Bake Off came back to our screens two weeks ago and it has been great. I'm already an obsessed baking so the return of this series is feeding on my baking obsession. If you watched this week's episode, you may be seeing some biscuits on my blog next week!

What have you been loving this August?

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