Skin Chemists Review

Thursday, 8 September 2016

There have been many a time that I have said on my blog this I am an obsessed skincare lover to which SkinChemists could obviously see. Kindly, they sent me a package of their new Advanced Snail Range* to try out. 

For those who don't know SkinChemists is a cruelty free skincare brand made from 100% organic products. Having never heard of the brand, I researched a bit about it where I found that it is one of the UK's most loved skincare brand for celebrities such as Amy Childs and more. What interested me a lot in their skincare brand is that they have a new advanced snail range, I was really interested in the combination of snails in my daily routine, so I jumped on the chance to try out such products.

But what is the Advanced Snail Range? The Advanced Snail Range works on repair and tightening skin for a younger, flawless complexion. Made from snail secretion, Vitamin E, Tiare and creatine, this range is essentially made to slow down natural ageing processes, reduce sensibilities of fine lines and soften the skin. 

I was kindly sent two moisturisers, one to use in the day time and one to use at night! I have never heard of skincare products like this so I was really excited to see the difference it would make to my skin. Sticking to my usual skincare routine of using Clinique products, I first used my SkinChemists Advanced Snail Range Night Moisturiser* after washing my face. On first impressions, I saw that the cream was not light but not too thick, it had the right consistency. The smell of the product was very sweet and smelt really nice. The moisturiser didn’t take too long to blend it to my skin leaving my face feel completely hydrated and smooth. After a while I felt a little bit of tightness on my skin, I wasn’t too worried just because I thought maybe it is doing its job. The next day I used both products which were both the same but obviously there was something in their products that would improve my skin. A little background information for you, my skin is entirely clear with a few blemishes and the occasional rashes but I do not suffer from acne, etc. I used to have eczema but that went away. With the ingredients that were on these moisturisers, I was intrigued to see what effect it would have on my skin to which after 3 weeks of using I would have to say that these two moisturisers have brightened my complexion as well as with the help of my Vitamin E Toning Mist my skin is slowly becoming evenly toned. 

Have you tried out anything from SkinChemists?

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