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Monday, 5 September 2016

According to the meteorological terms, it is officially Autumn however when you Google when Autumn starts it starts on September 22nd. But in my mind, it is officially Autumn, since it is September I thought this post would be an appropriate way to start off the Autumn posts.

Go out pumpkin carving | I know it's "far" away but you can go out and purchase some pumpkins for the festive season of Halloween. It would be fun to go out with other people and carve out some pumpkins.

Spend your weekends purchasing dark lip colours | Burgundy, purple, deep red, red - the colours of this season! Spend your weekends purchasing some of the dark colours online like Colourpop or go to CultBeauty and have fun.

Go out on walks | The roads will be full of leaves during this time, putting on a pair of black knee high boots, talk a walk out, take some photos and take a break from much stress. Be one with the outside world.  Even if it's not for exercise purposes it can be a gratitude walk with someone else.

Have a camping trip with friends | Now that the hottest season is passing, it would be appropriate to our body temperatures to go out and have a camping trip with friends. If camping out in tents isn't your thing, maybe trying "glamping" where you get a caravan/motor home and spend your weekend in nature.

Read more and more | Since its the season where it gets darker quicker, it feels incredibly cosy very quickly and wrapping up in a blanket whilst reading some of your favourite books will be the best way to spend some of your lazy days indoors.

Colouring books | Sticking to the theme of staying indoors and being extra cosy, purchase a few adult colouring books. You may thinking that it is a bit boring but when you having a stressful day or just want a quiet night in, colouring books are one of the best go-to's.

Exercise | This would probably be the best time to go on a long walk or jog just because it is getting darker a bit and it's so much cooler. I'm thinking about the sweat, guys. Put on your favourite trainers and go for a jog.

Attend a Fashion Week | There are a few fashion weeks happening this September if you were lucky enough to get some tickets go and have some fun! If not, try and book one for next year if that's something that you are interested in.

What will you be doing this Autumn?

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