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Monday, 19 September 2016

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At the moment, we are in between Summer and Autumn. What I like to call the odd time. Since it is the odd time, I feel like personally for me my skin suffers a bit as I don't know what to apply especially with a weather forecast that doesn't seem to make sense. But, I have been alternating through a few products to help me get through this odd time! My skincare routine is very minimalist during this time and doesn't include many products due to sensitivity.

For the Morning:

My facial cleansing routine is still the same with using the Clinique Facial Soap although I am looking to purchase the facial brush for deeper cleansing and exfoliation. Onto the moisturising session, I alternate between the two SkinChemists Advanced Snail Range Day Moisturiser* as it's a bit thicker than my Caudalie Moisturising Sorbet*. My morning skin routine differs based on the weather as it is changing quite rapidly but for the colder days, I use the SkinChemists Advanced Snail Range Day Moisturiser* and for the hotter days I use the Caudalie Moisturising Sorbet* which cools down extremely hot face whilst keeping it fresh.


For the Evening:

For the evening, I still use the same facial soap as the one for my morning routine. But instead, I like to use a facial oil. Packed with Vitamin E, the Vitamin E Facial Oil from Superdrug leaves my skin feel incredibly hydrated and nourished. To keep my face soft and toned, I use the Vitamin E Toning Facial Spray - together both of them work like a dream which works great throughout the night as well as not leaving me with a worry that my skin will be dry in the morning. For the lips, I like to use a heavy duty lip cream as my lips get very dry throughout the night like the NUXE Rieve De Miel Lip Balm or Vaseline.

Has your skincare routine changed slightly? 

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