The Colour Scheme Jumper Season

Sunday, 30 October 2016

ASOS, MISSGUIDED, colour scheme jumper season
As we are finally in the month of Autumn, it is about right to bring out the oversized cosy jumpers and lounge around in them. Knitwear is one of my favourite things about this time of year just because of the different colours and styles. I’m always finding myself purchase more jumpers each year but I can never have enough of them. This year, I’m in love with a certain colour scheme which you’ll probably see incorporated in the jumpers I have selected below.

The Mustard Jumpers:

I never used to like this colour, I always used to steer away from orange/yellow/mustard colours. Don't ask, why. But of recent, I am really loving this colour and I think it would be great for this time of the year. On top of black trousers, with some black boots, I love the pop of colour that it brings to an outfit.

The Burgundy Jumpers

I feel like this colour instantly reminds me of Christmas, I'm feeling all Christmas vibes when I see this. I know it's not near (it is) but I had to. I love these jumpers on skirts especially the cropped jumper below with a leather skirt or black skater skirt.

The Blush Pink Jumpers

Oh there is something about this colour that just makes me happy. The subtleness of this colour on any outfit is great, I love the fact that its not too loud or bright. I am especially in love with the jumper below with cactuses.

The Striped Jumpers

Everyone has a stripped jumper I am sure, they are just a stable in the Autumn wardrobe. Simple and easy to put together with any outfit, it can be trousers, skirt, leggings, culottes, anything! As the love for bell sleeves rose this year, I love how Topshop incorporated this in to the Autumn trend of stripped jumpers.

The Grey Jumpers

Another staple in the Autumn wardrobe of which I don't think I have enough of. I need more jumpers, I do love cable knit jumpers more though just because with it being extremely cold they are easy to add warmth yet still look cute.

What is your colour scheme for this time of the year?

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Let's Talk About..Bloggers

Friday, 28 October 2016

Let's Talk About...Bloggers

Before I started blogging, I would read the odd blog post here and there but ever since I started my love for many blogs has expanded. There are many blogs out there that are so inspiring to read from, there are many blogs where I can instantly feel their personality. There’ll be another series of "Let's Talk About...Bloggers" on my blog because I have so much more blogs to share with you. Most of the blogs that I follow are big enablers whether that be in beauty, fashion or homeware so close your wallets!

JasmineTalksBeauty | I have been following Jasmine for over a year and I have watched her blog grow immensely. Whenever I am in need of a new shade of lipstick or a different dupe for a high end, I find myself on her blog. I love the way that she writes her blog posts as well as the time that she puts in for her blog.

MollieManning | Mollie has to be the first blog that I followed when I started blogging last year. She is a humble, sweet person who has an amazing blog. I envy her photography so much, her fashion posts are amazing as well, and I definitely recommend her to everyone. She’s worth the read.

PintsizedBeauty | Ah, Lilly. Lily’s blog is a breath of fresh air, the reason why I say that is because of her photography. Her photos are so airy, fresh and bright – I love it so much. Her interior posts and lifestyle posts are one of my favorites, I love reading her posts on a weekly basis. Also the fact that she has turned full time is amazing, more blog posts for me to read.

BeautyByKelsey | Kelsey’s blog, my goodness. I just love every about it. You know when you are addicted to reading a blog when you have their schedule stuck in their head! Yes, that’s me. I love reading her posts, they are all so different and seeing as she’s an American blogger, she literally makes my list for American makeup longer.

GemmaLouise | Gemma’s makeup skills are amazing, I love the fact that she shows photos of her makeup looks on her blog. I love her blending skills, haha especially as I can’t do eyeshadow blending that well. She’s an amazing blogger and I look forward to more of her posts on her newborn baby.

PhasesOfRobyn | A fashion blog. Robyn’s blog posts are so nice, I love her fashion and how it is different from other people. If ever you are in need of outfit inspiration, it is so worth reading Robyn’s blog because her outfits are so great.

Who are your favorite blogs to read at the moment?

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Autumn Scents

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

It’s out with old and in with the new, time for Autumn scents. For this time of the year, I love the warmer, woody scents for my everyday fragrance.

The Chloe Eau De Parfum never fails to amaze me, I’m nearly finished with the bottle but it’s been a while. The perfume has a rich combination of warm amber and cedarwood with floral hints of peony and lychee, creating a perfect scent from both spring season and Autumn. The thing that I love most about this scent is that it lingers on your clothes for a very long time even after being in the washing machine.

Moving on to the spicy, peach nectar fragrance of My Burberry. The intenseness of this fragrance with the signature note of rose leaves your whole body smelling absolutely divine. This isn’t solely mine, but I do love using this scent. Similarly to the Chloe perfume, it lingers on clothing for a very long time. With the idea of a “heavy rain contrasting with the warm and captivating flora”, this fragrance instantly reminds me on Autumn. The luxury of this perfume creates such a great feeling to an everyday wear.

What are your favourite autumnal scents?

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Why I Love Shea Moisture SO Much?

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Shea Moisture, Yucca and Plantain, #AMillionWaysToShea

#AMillionWaysToShea - The Reason Why I Love Shea Moisture?

Seeing as the colder seasons are upon us and we are officially in the season of Autumn, we tend to take extreme care of our skin with hydrating oils, heavy-duty creams and moisturising lip balms. Not only this but during this time I like to take extra care of my hair, I do this all year round of course but there's something about the colder seasons where I see myself taking extra care. To do this, I see myself always reaching for the Shea Moisture products. Shea Moisture is a brand catering for hair, body, cosmetics, face and men. Their products are gluten free, paraben free, sulphate free, paraffin free and against animal testing. It is because of this, I am continuously purchasing their products.

Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo | This was probably the first product I tried from Shea Moisture and the first thing that I realised about this shampoo was that it smelt so good. The texture of the shampoo is thick but with a medium consistency. It is very effective when washing hair and definitely takes out any dirt of your hair whilst not stripping or shedding the natural hair. 

Ingredients: Neem Oil, Silk Protein, Coconut and Shea Butter.

Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Conditioner | Alongside using the shampoo, I used the conditioner and it was similar to the shampoo. The conditioner was a little bit thinner and easy to coat my hair in. With a wide tooth comb, this conditioner helped make my hair soft whilst detangling and after washing. I definitely saw much curl definition and volume after using both of these products. With the combo of this shampoo and conditioner, I found that my hair breakage was very minimum which is always a bonus.

Ingredients: Neem Oil, Silk Protein, Coconut and Shea Butter.

Yucca & Plantain Anti-Breakage Strengthening Deep Masque | On to deeply conditioning my hair, I haven't used this product for that long but I can give an honest opinion on it. The deep masque was a nice way to strengthen my hair. Using this on wet hair and combing in through with a comb left my hair shiny and soft. The masque did indeed strengthen my hair incredibly and left a great shine. 

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Plantain, Yucca, Baobab Oil and Cilantro Extract

Yucca & Plantain Strengthening Styling Milk | As well as the deep masque, I haven't used this for a long time but I must say I have been loving it. The fragrance is absolutely lovely and it makes my hair very soft, easily able to comb on a daily basis. The styling milk gives hair an instant shine and moisturised. It did help with my hair which can get quite tangled and bought definition to my hair as well. The one thing that I did not like about this product, however,  is that it is quite watery, but the pros definitely outweigh cons.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Plantain, Yucca, Baobab Oil and Cilantro Extract.

Have you ever tried anything from the Shea Moisture line? What are your favourite hair products/hair line?

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Skincare Series: Should I Dry Brush My Skin?

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Dry Brushing Benefits

Skincare, Dry Brushing

Dry brushing skin has been a process resonating for many many years. But why has it been done? 

For those of you that don't know about dry brushing your skin, this will be a great way to understand it. Dry brushing your skin essentially is using a brush with no oils or water and brushing at against your skin in circular motions usually before a shower or bath.

  • Dry brushing your skin eliminates the dead skin cells on our body whilst exfoliating your skin thoroughly. Using the normal loofahs and exfoliating gloves doesn't do the skin justice but due to the fact that the bristles on this brush are hard which helps loosen and remove the dead skin leaving our natural skin feeling incredibly soft. 
  • As our body goes through a lot of dirt, oils and residue from moisturisers etc, using a dry brush can ensure that we have clean pores.
  • In the science terms, dry brushing stimulates our lymphatic system which removes the toxins from our body inside and out. If our lymphatic system is congested, it causes inflammation and illness so by weekly brushing our skin, it ensures our body eliminates our waste and moves blood around our body efficiently. 
  • It also helps with muscle toning.
  • Dry brushing improves the function of the nervous system by stimulating the nerve endings in the skin. 
  • Regularly dry brushing your skin leaves your skin looking ultimately glowing and toned.
  • For those who are suffering from dry skin, this also prevents your skin from becoming dry. 
  • Your body feels fresh and different after this "massage". You will definitely tell a difference once you have done this. The first time you do this, you will know it has worked. 

Skincare, Autumn

  1. The process includes brushing your skin without any oils, moisturisers or water on your skin. Some people do spray some natural oils, but it is dry brushing.
  2. Start from your toes and brush upwards towards your heart in circular, soft motions. 
  3. From your toes, work your way towards the top of your legs but never brush over inflamed, over-sensitive, bruised or burnt skin.
  4.  Then from your fingertip, one clean sweep towards the shoulder around your entire arms. 
  5. Your back is your only exception, do not brush upwards but from your neck down to your lower back. (You can get someone to help you if it is hard but that it is why you can get someone to do it for you).
  7. After doing this, have a shower or bath. Have an alternating temperature to stimulate blood circulation.
  8. Follow up with a natural oil, coconut oil is a good shout. Cocoa butter, olive, almond and sesame oils are really good for restoring and keeping your skin moisturised.
  9. Do this for a month and you will see a difference in your skin. It will thank you for it.
  • If you are ill, dry brushing your skin twice a day will increase your immunity and help you get better faster!
  • You can dry brush your skin once a day or once a week, whatever floats your boat.
  • Care for your brush by using tea tree oil or a little bit of water. But just in case, wherever you purchase it from enquire about the care of the brush.

Will you be trying out the dry brushing process? Or have you before?

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A Collective Book Haul

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

As we are currently in the cosy season of the year.....

Before anyone has a go at me, I purchased these books before my spending ban! As we are currently in the cosy season of the year, I thought it was just right to order a few books to keep my busy especially if I am sick or having a day in. I was going through a period where I wanted to read a lot of book and people had recommended a few to me, so I decided to purchase a few. I will definitely be posting a book review on some of this books in the upcoming future.

A Little Life by Hanya Yanighara

I am half way through this book, I won't give a full review now but it is a very interesting book. I won't spoil the book if any of you decide to purchase it. The book is mainly about four boys, four friends, and their lives. Just as a warning, if you are going to purchase this book, it can be triggering to certain mental health issues, so please don't purchase if you don't feel comfortable with such topics.

While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green

The title is what drew me towards purchasing this book. Reading some of the reviews, the majority of them mentioned that the book was really good and well written. The thrilling side of it is what made me want to read this book.

The Man Who Mistook His Hat For His Wife by Oliver Sacks

I love this title so much. Though, I haven't read this book I am very excited. The books by Oliver Sacks are from a neurological/psychological perspective, something I am very much interested in as you can see I bought 3 of his books. According to Amazon, he is #1 in Clinical Psychology novels, so I can't wait to see his craft in his books as well as Hallucinations and The Mind's Eye.

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

Many of you have probably watched the film. It is a great film about a young black girl who does go through a lot especially in the period of racism in Southern America. The novel/film take place in different continents and it's amazing how Walker writes this novel with such passion and pain. The novel is lovely, I have read it before but it's nice to have your own copy, you know?

Have you purchased any books recently?

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I'm On A Spending Ban Until November

Friday, 7 October 2016

I know what you are thinking, you've read the title and are probably thinking is that even possible? 

Well, I am going to find out. I have put myself on a spending ban until Black Friday, 25th November. The reason behind this is because I want to go on a huge shopping spree and buy a lot of items, there's a lot of products on my list and to be honest, the new A/W makeup/fashion releases are not helping me. There are a lot of products that I have my eye on and hopefully, I will be able to get them!

In order to make sure that I do stick to this spending ban, is by not looking at any new launches in the beauty world, especially with Sephora being bought to the UK, that might be a problem. Hiding my money away from myself literally and attempting to engage myself in other activities.

I have so more products on my list like Colourpop, Bath and Body Works and GymShark. Hopefully, I stick to my spending ban and don't purchase anything. I mean....skincare doesn't count right?

Have you ever been on a spending ban? Any tips?

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The Autumnal Makeup Look

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

You have no idea how excited I am. It's finally autumn. I can wear burgundy, golden and brown eyeshadow colours. I can wear deep dark lipsticks and loads of highlighter for the Summer glow.

Finally, I can wear makeup without worrying that it will be dripping down my face throughout the day. For primer, I use the Clinique Universal Primer to ensure that depsite the colder weather, my makeup doesn't move. Moving on to my eyebrows, I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Promade and with a small brush, I fill in my eyebrows lightly in order to achieve a natural look. To keep my eyebrows in place, I use an old mascara that is slowly drying out. This keep my eyebrows in place throughout the whole day. To clean up my eyebrows, I use the LA Pro Girl Concealer to make my eyebrows a bit sharp.

On to my face, I use the Clinique Chubby In The Nude Foundation stick and doodling all over my face. With a damp beauty blender, blending this out creates a natural 'beautiful skin' look. To highlight and conceal those under eyes, I use my LA Pro Girl Concealer and my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. With the same beauty blender, I blend in my concealer as well as making sure that my eyelids are covered. To set that area, I use the Collection Sheer Loose Powder to keep my concealer from moving and for my eyes I use the Ben Nye Banana Powder. Sticking to the face, I use the MAC Blush in 'Pinch Me' with a fluffy brush to put some warm back in my face. For the ultimate glow, I use a fan brush to apply my favourite drugstore highlighter Revlon Highlighting Palette 'Bronze Glow'. I go heavy on my highlighter because I can, lol, I put this on my cupid bow, down the bridge of my nose, cheekbones and my brow bone.

Moving on to the eyes, I use my blush as my eyeshadow because it's the perfect shade for the transitional period that we can going through. The burgundy, pink-ish shade is perfect for the everyday look. On some days, I use a golden colour on the middle of my eyes, blending them together with a fluffy brush. Now onto the favourite part of makeup, the winggggg. For my wing, I use the MUA Matte Black Liquid Liner to create a long, sharp wing. To coat my lashes, the Clinique High Impact Mascara to create long, individual lashes on both my bottom and top lashes.

On to lip, it lightly press a bit of powder on my lips and with my MAC Lip Liner in 'Vino' I lightly outline my lips. To fill in my lips, I use the Clinique Nude in Pop Lipstick and with a brush blend it togther.

What is your Autumnal makeup look?

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