I'm On A Spending Ban Until November

Friday, 7 October 2016

I know what you are thinking, you've read the title and are probably thinking is that even possible? 

Well, I am going to find out. I have put myself on a spending ban until Black Friday, 25th November. The reason behind this is because I want to go on a huge shopping spree and buy a lot of items, there's a lot of products on my list and to be honest, the new A/W makeup/fashion releases are not helping me. There are a lot of products that I have my eye on and hopefully, I will be able to get them!

In order to make sure that I do stick to this spending ban, is by not looking at any new launches in the beauty world, especially with Sephora being bought to the UK, that might be a problem. Hiding my money away from myself literally and attempting to engage myself in other activities.

I have so more products on my list like Colourpop, Bath and Body Works and GymShark. Hopefully, I stick to my spending ban and don't purchase anything. I mean....skincare doesn't count right?

Have you ever been on a spending ban? Any tips?

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