Let's Talk About..Bloggers

Friday, 28 October 2016

Let's Talk About...Bloggers

Before I started blogging, I would read the odd blog post here and there but ever since I started my love for many blogs has expanded. There are many blogs out there that are so inspiring to read from, there are many blogs where I can instantly feel their personality. There’ll be another series of "Let's Talk About...Bloggers" on my blog because I have so much more blogs to share with you. Most of the blogs that I follow are big enablers whether that be in beauty, fashion or homeware so close your wallets!

JasmineTalksBeauty | I have been following Jasmine for over a year and I have watched her blog grow immensely. Whenever I am in need of a new shade of lipstick or a different dupe for a high end, I find myself on her blog. I love the way that she writes her blog posts as well as the time that she puts in for her blog.

MollieManning | Mollie has to be the first blog that I followed when I started blogging last year. She is a humble, sweet person who has an amazing blog. I envy her photography so much, her fashion posts are amazing as well, and I definitely recommend her to everyone. She’s worth the read.

PintsizedBeauty | Ah, Lilly. Lily’s blog is a breath of fresh air, the reason why I say that is because of her photography. Her photos are so airy, fresh and bright – I love it so much. Her interior posts and lifestyle posts are one of my favorites, I love reading her posts on a weekly basis. Also the fact that she has turned full time is amazing, more blog posts for me to read.

BeautyByKelsey | Kelsey’s blog, my goodness. I just love every about it. You know when you are addicted to reading a blog when you have their schedule stuck in their head! Yes, that’s me. I love reading her posts, they are all so different and seeing as she’s an American blogger, she literally makes my list for American makeup longer.

GemmaLouise | Gemma’s makeup skills are amazing, I love the fact that she shows photos of her makeup looks on her blog. I love her blending skills, haha especially as I can’t do eyeshadow blending that well. She’s an amazing blogger and I look forward to more of her posts on her newborn baby.

PhasesOfRobyn | A fashion blog. Robyn’s blog posts are so nice, I love her fashion and how it is different from other people. If ever you are in need of outfit inspiration, it is so worth reading Robyn’s blog because her outfits are so great.

Who are your favorite blogs to read at the moment?

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