The Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Under £100

Friday, 25 November 2016

the best black friday & cyber monday deals under £100

One of my favourite times of the year, why? Because I get to shop a lot for small prices! Last year, I did a similar post to this and it seemed very easy for anyone to click and purchase. Listed below, are some of the items that I am completely in love with. There are affiliate links in this post, if you are not sure what this term means, please read my disclaimer. Do not turn off your ad blockers so that you are able to view the products. Also, there will be a lot of flash sales on throughout the day, so make sure you're following my Twitter so you can get them every hour on the hour. I managed to get a lot of coupon codes and more for you guys, enjoy! Shop till you drop because you know I will be!


20% off everything with code: GOGOGO


 30% off with free delivery and returns, use the code: F6P8


25% off fashion & accessories, 10% off beauty this weekend.


There are flash sales every hour, so I will try my hardest to update when and where I can. 



20% off each and every item with the code GIFT 


Extra 20% off selected sale items 

Up to 50% off selected lines 


20% off online until 8am Friday with code: BFRIDAY16


30% off everything with code: CYBER

20% off EVERYTHING with the code: AP243


20% off with the code; SELFCCE


Up to 50% off
More deals:

Sarenza - Ultimate Shoe Closet - up to 70% off top brands 

Look Fantastic - 25% off with the code: LFBLACK

New Look - Up to 50% off 

T.M Lewin - 20% off EVERYTHING

Rodial - 30% off full priced products with code: BWKD30

Superdrug - Loads of deals with up to 70% off 

Stradivarius - 20% off everything 

Public Desire - Get 30% off everything with code: CYBER30

Gymshark - Up 50% off gym wear

Fabletics - Up to 75% off your first outfit when you join VIP.

Fashion Nova - 30% off with code: FRIDAY

My Theresa - 30% off all sale items

Zalando - Huge Outlet sale 

Boohoo - Up to 50% off with code: FRIDEL

The Outnet - 10% off full priced items

Yoox - 60% off top brand items 

Revolve - Up to 50% off 

Nike - 30% off sale items with code: XMAS16

Pretty Little Thing - 50% off EVERYTHING

Beautybay - Up to 30% off selected lines

Very - Up to 60% off selected brands and lines

House Of Fraser - Up to 50% off your favourite brands.

The Body Shop - 40% off items plus free delivery when you spend £5 with code: 19805

La Redoute - 40% off everything with code: BLACKFRIDAY

Feel Unique - Huge beauty deals, once they are gone they are gone!

Happy Black Friday!

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Bag Essentials For A/W

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Is it only me that changes what I carry on a regular basis in my bag as the seasons change? If not, I love changing my bag contents every month. Especially with it being colder, it is important to put in essentials like tissues and gloves in any compartment you can find.

In your bag, you will need….

Makeup Powder
Spare headbands
Hand cream

What do you carry in your bag?

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How To Have A Successful Winter/Autumn Morning

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Becoming a morning person has been essential for me as I find that I am more productive, active and efficient in the early hours of the morning between 6 - 8am. Although it is sometimes a chore of getting up this early as well as trying to be as active as I can be, I find this routine makes my days way better than normal. Having early nights which I have spoken about in a previous post on What To Do Before You Sleep can ensure that you don't feel completely like a slug once your alarm goes at half past six in the morning. Especially with it being very dark in the morning, it may be that you don't want to get up which is completely acceptable - I feel like that too. This post is all about ways to combat that.

Don't wake up and check your phone automatically.

Once your alarm goes off, do not by any means click snooze. I know you are probably tempted to click on it, you will probably end up sleeping until 10am! Instead, the minute your alarm goes off, click 'Stop' on your alarm and get out of bed slowly. 

Stretch and have a mini yoga session for 15 minutes.

Once I am out of bed, I like to stretch for a while. Some of the routines that I find myself doing, I usually use the routines I have added on my 'Exercise' Pinterest board. They are really helpful, I always feel great after I have exercised for a bit. Stretching on a daily basis can improve your flexibility, increase your stamina and also reduces any physical pains that you might be feeling.

Make your bed the minute you get out of it.

Making your bed the minute you get out of it. I can not stress the importance of this, I don't know about you but if I don't make my bed once I get out, I don't make my bed or I forget or I don't like the way my bed looks because I most likely have rushed it. I love how "put together" a room can look when a bed has been made, it clears your mind and makes you feel a lot better.

Put your heater on the minute you wake up and make your bed.

It is unbelievably cold now-a-days, so whilst I am getting ready I like to have a warm, cosy room. Yes, it might make you feel like you want to go back to bed but it feels good. 

Use a soft facial soap to start off your morning routine.

I love using the Clinique Facial Soap to start off my day right, it's so smooth and gentle on the skin which works effectively but doesn't make your skin feel rough. Washing your face with cold water locks in the moisture from the soap and instantly wakes you up. Use a toner afterwards to ensure your skin is clean and even before applying your makeup or just starting your day.

Listen to music whilst getting ready.

If I am not listening to music, I am most likely listening/watching a Youtube video in the background. I find that with music or a video, it can get you in to the mood for the rest of the day essentially uplifting your spirits. Most likely it will be a vlog or a makeup video; at the moment, I have been watching 2015's Vlogmas videos to get me in the mood for Christmas this year. I am tres excited, yes I have spoken about Christmas a bit too soon (I know). 

Make a small to-do list for the day.

I like to make a quick to-do list either on my phone or on a small notepad of the things that you wish to acconplish on that day whether it be getting your nails done or replying to emails. I like feeling like I can be able to complete something throughout the day, makes me feel like I can be productive as the day goes.

And your day commences.....

I hope you enjoyed this post. How do you start off your morning ever since swiftly changing from the Summer routine?

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Skincare Series: Reducing Under Eye Circles

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

skincare series, reducing eye circles, skincare, clinique

The under eye circles are the ban to nearly everyone, if you don’t suffer from this, you are so lucky. Please share some of your remedies/lifestyle routine to me in the comments below. For those that do suffer from the dark under eye circles, we are always purchasing light-weight creams to improve the appearance of them, but there are natural ways to do it too.


The most important thing is enough sleep on a daily basis, on average the human body should have at least 7-9 hours’ sleep per night. If you have an iPhone you have probably seen with the new update iOS10, on the Clock app you are able to set your bedtime and alarm where it tells you how long you will sleep for. Enough sleep will decrease the depth of dark circles but also reduce the tiredness look that we may have.


You knew this was coming. Water, h20. Another important aspect in our lifestyle which quite a lot of us may lack. I never used to like water, but now I do and I aim to drink at least 1 ½ bottles per day, if not only 500ml will be great. For those who don’t like water, adding in slices of lemon or kiwi’s to add flavour could help increase your water intake. Water creates a youthful appearance, reduces blemishes or spots and most importantly, under eye circles.

Under eye creams:

I have used a couple of under eye creams that I do love and would recommend to anyone. Creams like Clinique All About Eyes Rich Cream are very lightweight, almost like sorbet which leaves your under eyes incredibly hydrated. I definitely saw a difference with this cream within two weeks. I have also used creams from REN which I loved as well. 

Cucumbers & Teabags.

Teabags makes a good remedy for treating dark circles and reducing puffiness. The caffeine in the teabags shrinks blood vessels and reduces the fluid retention in the tissues around the eyes. Whilst cucumbers can also make your skin appear youthful and glowing. The acid in the cucumbers brings down the water retention in the eyes, as it is high in Vitamin E it can also reduce fine lines around the eyes, therefore, acting as an anti-wrinkle treatment.

What ways do you reduce your under eye circles?

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100 Picks From ASOS Under £100

Saturday, 12 November 2016

100 Picks From ASOS Under £100

ASOS are always having amazing sales full of such beautiful items of clothing, their website is literally wardrobe goals. Since we are fully immersed into the Autumn period, it is time to bring out the warm, fluffy coats and more! So I spent my day trying to find good products on ASOS, that I am in love with for the affordable price under £100! Make sure you have taken off your ad-blockers so that you can view the amazing products.

I have been loving statement boots for this time of the year, I think that they can make any outfit look amazing! There's something about them that just make any outfit pop. Don't you think?

Cosy, satin pyjamas and warm fluffy gowns are the best things for the Autumn/Winter period.

From the list shown above, what products are you loving?

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Skincare Series: Brown Sugar Scrub

Thursday, 10 November 2016

brown sugar facial scrub

brown sugar facial scrub, honey

brown sugar facial scrub, honey

The key thing to having great makeup is having a good, clean base hence why it is important to thoroughly take care of your skin on a daily basis. Especially if you wear makeup every day. Over the past couple of weeks, I have introduced a DIY homemade scrub into my skincare routine which has benefited me immensely ensuring that my skin is glowing with and without makeup.

Brown Sugar and Honey together creates a soft, scrub which exfoliates your skin without scratching it or leaving any marks against your skin. This scrub is good after a day of makeup where the exfoliation removes every last bit of your makeup, leaving your skin feeling extremely soft but most importantly clean. But why use these two together? As brown sugar is granulated, it clears away dry and dead skin cells. Brown sugar also has anti-bacterial properties which keep your skin radiant and healthy. Combining this with honey; has many more benefits to your complexion some of which you may not know. Honey is a natural antibacterial treatment which is great for acne prevention as well as treatment. Honey and brown sugar helps to clear the skin, opening up pores and making them easy to unclog
Using this on weekly basis as well as on daily basis leaves my skin feeling incredibly clean. I must say that after using this only 4 times, I noticed a difference in my skin. Once applying makeup, I also noticed that my makeup applied on so well with my base glowing without a highlighter. However, if you don't want to make the scrub yourself, you can purchase many in stores like;

Have you ever tried a brown sugar and honey mask? Have you tried any DIY masks that have helped your skin?

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Tips For Beginner Bloggers #1

Monday, 7 November 2016

For those who don't know, I have been blogging for a year, but ThatBelleMakeup has only been up and running on the internet for under 12 months. Seeing as I am still a "newbie" blogger, I wanted to share some tips for those who are starting out to blog. When I started blogging, I had help from a few people as well as reading endless posts, so I hope this post helps.

Know what your niche is.

I am a beauty and lifestyle blogger, so I blog about makeup, skincare, baking and advice. You don't have to be a specific blogger in terms of one niche, you can be a blogger about everything but it's important to know what you are blogging about. Especially the fact that you should be happy about what are blogging. 

What camera (s) do you need to use?

You may be reading this and think I have to have a DSLR, Olympus PEN Generation camera to be a blogger. You don't have to..I don't have one. They are definitely worth the investment, don't get me wrong and they are amazing at taking beautiful photos, but if you are starting out blogging you can use your iPhone or Android. Mastering the technique and editing, you can produce such a beautiful photo. After a while, you can look to purchasing a camera that is suitable, affordable and easy to use. 

How do I increase my traffic?

Now this question, I'm still having trouble with and I'm learning on the job. That's another thing, blogging is a hobby/job where you are learning new things every single day. In regards to increasing your traffic, I'll give you the basics that I do every day that has definitely helped me. If you're uploading your post make sure you share your link on ALL social media platforms with the appropriate hashtags to promote your post. Retweet all your old posts, share your posts on Instagram, change your photos to the name of the post not "image83293" and check that the title for your post is easily searchable on Google.

Enjoy writing.

Don't blog just for the sake of it because your readers will sense it immediately. It's like reading a book, sometimes you may feel like the book wasn't completely thought out etc. Make sure that you have a love for writing and personally enjoy it. It is alright to take breaks whenever you want, your break can be so beneficial to your blog and self. Taking breaks enable you to think of more inspiration about your blog or even help you improve. 

Learn more about affiliate programmes, etc.

There are many affiliate programmes out there; Affiliate Window, ShopStyle, Tradedoubler - just to name a few. Affiliate programmes are essentially programmes that allow you to earn money based on sharing their promotions and links via affiliate links that they provide. To explain the basics of this programme is that you share a link via Twitter or on your blog, someone clicks on it and purchases something and then you receive a percentage of the commissions. The commission that you earn isn't big based on links but it all depends on the programme you are with, most programmes give you 7-10% of the commission. It is worth taking time out to research about the different affiliate programmes out there which would be helpful for you. 

How many blog posts should I post?

There shouldn't be a minimum or maximum. Some people post only once a month, five times a years or 70 times a year. It really shouldn't matter right now if you are starting out, it is worth trialling out how many blog posts you feel comfortable with posting and how it fits in with your lifestyle. The amount of blog posts you post is mainly dependent on yourself, for me personally I aim to post 3-4 times a week averaging around 15-16 posts a week. 

What kind of blogger do I have to be?

This leads me on to the next question on what kind of blogger you want to be. What kind of blogger do you want to be? You can be a full-time blogger with a job, etc and still make it work. Those type of bloggers, I applaud because they are so hard working bloggers. Part-time bloggers also work incredibly hard and this is shown in their posts. Or you don't even have to be a "specific" blogger, just blog anytime you want whenever you want and when you feel like it. You don't have to make yourself a certain type of blogger. 

I hope this helped those who are beginning to blog! And if you are new bloggers, leave a comment and a link below, I'd love to follow you. If you have any questions, do leave them below as well!

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