How To Have A Successful Winter/Autumn Morning

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Becoming a morning person has been essential for me as I find that I am more productive, active and efficient in the early hours of the morning between 6 - 8am. Although it is sometimes a chore of getting up this early as well as trying to be as active as I can be, I find this routine makes my days way better than normal. Having early nights which I have spoken about in a previous post on What To Do Before You Sleep can ensure that you don't feel completely like a slug once your alarm goes at half past six in the morning. Especially with it being very dark in the morning, it may be that you don't want to get up which is completely acceptable - I feel like that too. This post is all about ways to combat that.

Don't wake up and check your phone automatically.

Once your alarm goes off, do not by any means click snooze. I know you are probably tempted to click on it, you will probably end up sleeping until 10am! Instead, the minute your alarm goes off, click 'Stop' on your alarm and get out of bed slowly. 

Stretch and have a mini yoga session for 15 minutes.

Once I am out of bed, I like to stretch for a while. Some of the routines that I find myself doing, I usually use the routines I have added on my 'Exercise' Pinterest board. They are really helpful, I always feel great after I have exercised for a bit. Stretching on a daily basis can improve your flexibility, increase your stamina and also reduces any physical pains that you might be feeling.

Make your bed the minute you get out of it.

Making your bed the minute you get out of it. I can not stress the importance of this, I don't know about you but if I don't make my bed once I get out, I don't make my bed or I forget or I don't like the way my bed looks because I most likely have rushed it. I love how "put together" a room can look when a bed has been made, it clears your mind and makes you feel a lot better.

Put your heater on the minute you wake up and make your bed.

It is unbelievably cold now-a-days, so whilst I am getting ready I like to have a warm, cosy room. Yes, it might make you feel like you want to go back to bed but it feels good. 

Use a soft facial soap to start off your morning routine.

I love using the Clinique Facial Soap to start off my day right, it's so smooth and gentle on the skin which works effectively but doesn't make your skin feel rough. Washing your face with cold water locks in the moisture from the soap and instantly wakes you up. Use a toner afterwards to ensure your skin is clean and even before applying your makeup or just starting your day.

Listen to music whilst getting ready.

If I am not listening to music, I am most likely listening/watching a Youtube video in the background. I find that with music or a video, it can get you in to the mood for the rest of the day essentially uplifting your spirits. Most likely it will be a vlog or a makeup video; at the moment, I have been watching 2015's Vlogmas videos to get me in the mood for Christmas this year. I am tres excited, yes I have spoken about Christmas a bit too soon (I know). 

Make a small to-do list for the day.

I like to make a quick to-do list either on my phone or on a small notepad of the things that you wish to acconplish on that day whether it be getting your nails done or replying to emails. I like feeling like I can be able to complete something throughout the day, makes me feel like I can be productive as the day goes.

And your day commences.....

I hope you enjoyed this post. How do you start off your morning ever since swiftly changing from the Summer routine?

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