Skincare Series: Reducing Under Eye Circles

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

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The under eye circles are the ban to nearly everyone, if you don’t suffer from this, you are so lucky. Please share some of your remedies/lifestyle routine to me in the comments below. For those that do suffer from the dark under eye circles, we are always purchasing light-weight creams to improve the appearance of them, but there are natural ways to do it too.


The most important thing is enough sleep on a daily basis, on average the human body should have at least 7-9 hours’ sleep per night. If you have an iPhone you have probably seen with the new update iOS10, on the Clock app you are able to set your bedtime and alarm where it tells you how long you will sleep for. Enough sleep will decrease the depth of dark circles but also reduce the tiredness look that we may have.


You knew this was coming. Water, h20. Another important aspect in our lifestyle which quite a lot of us may lack. I never used to like water, but now I do and I aim to drink at least 1 ½ bottles per day, if not only 500ml will be great. For those who don’t like water, adding in slices of lemon or kiwi’s to add flavour could help increase your water intake. Water creates a youthful appearance, reduces blemishes or spots and most importantly, under eye circles.

Under eye creams:

I have used a couple of under eye creams that I do love and would recommend to anyone. Creams like Clinique All About Eyes Rich Cream are very lightweight, almost like sorbet which leaves your under eyes incredibly hydrated. I definitely saw a difference with this cream within two weeks. I have also used creams from REN which I loved as well. 

Cucumbers & Teabags.

Teabags makes a good remedy for treating dark circles and reducing puffiness. The caffeine in the teabags shrinks blood vessels and reduces the fluid retention in the tissues around the eyes. Whilst cucumbers can also make your skin appear youthful and glowing. The acid in the cucumbers brings down the water retention in the eyes, as it is high in Vitamin E it can also reduce fine lines around the eyes, therefore, acting as an anti-wrinkle treatment.

What ways do you reduce your under eye circles?

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