You Had A Bad Day?

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

It is completely normal to have a bad day, we all have them and sometimes we just have to embrace them. When I am having a bad day there's many things that I like to do so that I can uplift my spirits even if it's a little bit.

Watch a film | Whenever I am having a rough day, I love to watch films that always make me laugh. I love watching films that literally make me laugh so hard that I want to vomit. Films like the Bad Boys Trilogy, Home Alone Trilogy, and Grease always seem to make me happy. Or it may not be a film, I find myself sometimes watching old shows like Friends, My Wife and Kids are some of the shows that make my day.

Read a book | Reading a book is a form of an escape, for me anyway. Similarly to inviting your friends over, it's nice to read another book and become one of the characters in any novel. When picking a book, do choose a book that is uplifting or fun to read.

Play some games | You might be thinking are you serious? It doesn't have to be hide and seek, but board games could be fun with other people. One of the games I like to play on my phone has to be Heads Up by Ellen Degeneres, it is a funny game to play with friends and family. Worth taking your mind off things.

Order a takeaway | I find myself spoiling myself when I have bad days in the case that I eat a lot of junk. I'm most likely ordering a pizza, or Chinese with a side of chocolate to make me happy. There's something about food that just makes me dance.

Invite friends over | The presence of other people can uplift your mood, invite your family over, best friend, romantic partner over and watch a film. Do anything, just having someone around to divert your thoughts is amazing.

Talking to others | Not everyone likes to talk about personal issues, but having someone around to talk to can make you feel better. The ability to talk and lift things off your chest enables you to release stress. Or if you don't feel like talking to a person, write in a journal. Writing journals allows you to vent about anything without filtering your words. Love it.

Go for a walk | Going for a walk in the colder seasons is the best thing. Taking time out to explore and get away is great, a breath of fresh air makes you feel better. 

What do you do when you have a bad day?

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