10 Things To Check Off Your Xmas List

Friday, 16 December 2016

Can we just talk about the fact that Christmas is next week? I mean WHAT? Anyway, seeing as it is nearly Christmas, I think it's about time that we tick a few things off our Christmas checklist don't you?

1. Have you bought the turkey?
2. Have you finished purchasing everyone's present?
3. If you are participating in Secret Santa, have you bought their gift?
4. Have you made sure that each present you've purchased has a gift receipt?
5. What dress/outfit will you be wearing on Christmas Day?
6. What pjy's will you be wearing the night before?
7. Have you wrapped all your Christmas presents?
8. Have you made the Christmas Cake?
9. Have you bought all the food for Xmas Day?
10. Have you bought the classic red lippy?

Have you started ticking anything off your list yet?

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