December Goals

Friday, 2 December 2016

With it being  the second day of December, I decided to talk about my goals that I am wanting to achieve this month of December.

1. Improve on my photography | I would love to make my photography better than it is now and the way that I can do this is by purchasing a new camera. I have loads of ideas about what camera to buy but I don't know which one all I know is I want it to be a DSLR Camera. 

2. Post more on Instagram | At the moment, I only upload photos when there is a new blog post on my blog, but I need to try and up my Instagram game by posting at least 2 a day. 

3. Improve on my skincare routine | I do have a skincare routine that I like to stick to on a daily basis as I have discussed before, I have sensitive skin so I have to ensure that the skincare products that I use agree with my skin in the best way possible. However, I would like to purchase more toners, lip scrubs and blemish creams just to ensure that my skin is healthy/glowing. 

4. Stay consistent with Blogmas | I have planned and partly written everything until New Year's Eve despite the fact that Blogmas ends on Christmas day but still, everything is planned. I just need to ensure that everything is consistent, neat and worth putting up. There will be a lot of baking posts on here as well as varied content, I hope that you enjoy!

5. Plan next year's content | Personally, I love to be organised. It's just the way I am, so I would love to plan this next years content until February just so that I know what I'm wanting to do for the upcoming month. I also want to change my blog around a little bit and tweak a few things, so keep your eye on here!!

6. RELAXXXX | I need to relax, I'm always doing something. So I need to fix my time on trying to find ways to unwind whenever things get too hectic, and just breathe. Sometimes, I like to take baths or read or just turn everything off and spend time with loved ones. I think it is very important to do this at least 5 times a month, you've earned it!

What are your December goals for 2016? How are you going to make sure that you end 2016 with a bang?!

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