Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers Under £35

Thursday, 1 December 2016

First of all welcome to Blogmas. I will be posting every single day until Christmas Day, so I hope you enjoy. There will be a few great things happening on here this December, so do come back every day for a new blog post. As you can probably tell, there's some Christmas music playing, you can turn it off at anytime you want. It's the first day of December and I’m sure I am not the only one that has not finished their Christmas shopping. Seeing as Black Friday has just left, my bank account is slowly running dry, I need to purchase some presents that can be both a stocking filler or a small present. Thankfully there are many stocking fillers that available for purchase at any time, which will definitely help me in my time of need. 

For those who love makeup, I'd definitely suggest purchasing some beauty blenders. Recently, I came across a pack of 4 beauty blenders for only £9 in Superdrug from B. Cosmetics. I was on the verge of purchasing them for myself. They would be really beneficial for those who have dirty beauty blenders and can't be bothered to purchase new ones. As well as this, I am in love with drugstore liquid lipsticks, I've been swatching some of the Bourjois, Revlon and Sleek liquid lipsticks - I must say I am in love. They are affordable and look really nice, I was in love with some of the deep dark reds, they'd be beautiful for this time of year. Another makeup stocking filler could be the Clinique Must Haves Bag obviously there is a catch to it! In order to receive this bag of goodies and some of my personal beauty favourites you must spend at least £35 on LookFantastic. Or you could buy a different bag below from Tyler Dawson. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

On to the novelty presents, nothing beats a good stocking like chooclate coins. I love my stocking to be full of chocolate, mmm yeah. I have been loving colouring books to calm me down when I am stressed, they are fun to do and remind me of childhood. This would be a great present for anyone! As Christmas is in the depth of Winter, you should look to getting someone something comfortable. I'd recommend cosy socks, onesies, night gowns and blankets. They would be lovely, I mean...who doesn't love comfort? 

For those who love being organised and love to read, getting journals, diaries for 2017 or stationary would be great. I'd reommend handmade journals there's something about handmade items that just make it feel real, if you know what I mean? The Riffle Paper Co stationary is absolutely beautiful, they re definitely on my list for being organised next year. Those who love to read, I'd suggest getting them an Amazon/Waterstones giftcard that they can use anytime to purchase any book that they have had their eyes on or if you have some personal favourites why not share it with them? I know this is a bit much for some pencils but I do love the Cath Kidston pencils which make my desk look pretty but they are also of good use.

Anymore ideas on stocking fillers? What stocking fillers under £35 will you be spending on?   

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