I'm One Year Old

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

It's been a whole year on this day that I first posted a blog post on ThatBelleMakeup. That blog post has been deleted but I can remember the first day I got a comment, I was so happy about it, I literally told everyone I knew. I remember when I picked up my camera and took a dim photo of a DIY lip scrub and to think that a year has gone by and many opportunities have opened, I’ve grown as a person and I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole blogging experience.

Although I haven’t been blogging for only a year, I have been bouncing around many blogging platforms like Squarespace and Wordpress but there wasn’t anything that was as comfortable as Blogger. I would like to thank the many blog posts that I have been reading to help me improve but also help me spend more. Yes, I mean help. If you have been reading my blog this whole year, thank you for that, if you have been following me for only 2 weeks or a day thank you for reading, if you have just clicked on my blog for the first time today, thank you for clicking on this blog. It means a lot.

So raise your glasses or hot chocolate mugs with me as I celebrate my one year anniversary on ThatBelleMakeup. Here’s to many more years and I can’t wait to see how my blog shall be in December 2017. 

Hope that you are enjoying my Blogmas posts so far!

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