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Thursday, 8 December 2016

For those who don't know I use a phone to take my blog photos, I have been asked on many ocassions how I use a phone, what phone do I use, so I decided to write a blog post all about my photos! I am very much aware that my photos are exceptionally amazing but I thought this would be a helpful post for anyone to read, so enjoy!


The lighting is the most important thing about taking a photo never mind the quality of your camera. I find that especially during the winter season, it tends to get dark quicker around 1pm so taking photos between 9 - 11am is best bet for me. Natural lighting makes a photo look incredibily beautiful and soft, not to say that artificial lighting is bad but natural lighting is much easier. Although if you are taking photos during the hard period, I would recommend purchasing some artificial lighting. After I have got the lighting correct, I like to take my photos on a white background or marble background as it makes my photos look brighter. You can purchase any background from Amazon and Etsy for affordable prices. The phone that I use is a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, it has an amazing camera with excellent photo quality for those who understand megapixels it is 16 megapixels - I mean that must be amazing because it's photos are supberb! You can also take photos with an iPhone as well they are really great cameras. 


Use the right editing software for you!

This is the original photo undedited, I like to use FOTOR to edit my photos as I just find it easier. I have used Photoshop on many occasions but some elements of it are a bit too complicated for me. 

Even though my photo is already bright from the use of a white background and natural lighting, I like to make my photos even brighter because it looks attractive. Also, once you upload it on Bloglovin' it looks nice when scrolling through blog posts. I increase the brightness/whitness of my photo until I am statisfied with it and the photo is still clear.

Then after, I like to decrease the vignette which makes the photo look even more brighter. As you can see I'm going for the bright, airy look that I am in love with! After that, I press safe and upload to my blog posts.

Do you take your blog photos with a phone or camera?

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