An Interview With Jodie Melissa

Friday, 24 February 2017

Hello, Jodie. Please introduce yourself.
1) Hello! I feel like I want to say 'I'm Jodie' but you definitely already know that! I'm 21 and I live in a little town in North Wales. I graduated from uni last year and now I work full time as a Social Media Manager/ Content Director for a beauty company. 

Why did you start blogging?
2) It was a while ago so I can't remember exactly, but I had been reading other blogs and watching Youtube videos and I guess that just inspired me to start my own. I have always loved all things beauty, and I just wanted to be a part of a community with like-minded people. 

 How long have you been blogging for and is it a hobby or a job?
3) I have been blogging consistently since May 2015, but I started blogging 8 years ago on and off! At the minute blogging is just a hobby, but I would love to get to the stage where I generate some income from it. 

Who are your favourite bloggers/instagrammers/influencers?
4) Ooo that's a tough one, I have a lot! I think that Sally from, Gemma from and Lily from are fab! I find their content useful, exciting and they are all genuinely lovely girls that I feel like I have quite a lot in common with! 
What does your blogging routine include?
5) I feel like my routine actually fits around blogging. This month I have finally managed to stick to a schedule and post three times a week, so I have been writing posts a week before hand and then tweaking them the night before. I take the majority of my photos at the weekend because it's just too dark after work. Lately, I have really been enjoying popping to my local coffee shop and just writing up a couple of posts there in the evenings/ weekend, that's kind of become part of my weekly routine now. 

What's your favourite thing about blogging and your least favourite thing?
6) My favourite thing is having a hobby, I hate being bored and luckily blogging keeps me on my toes. Plus I'm in a long-distance relationship and it's nice to have a distraction. I think my least favourite thing is scheduling tweets, I know more people read my posts when I schedule tweets but it's the task I really hate doing. 

What are your personal/blogging goals for the future?
7) Oo good question! I haven't thought about this since the start of the year really, but I'm trying to stay fit and healthy and it's definitely something I want to blog about soon. In terms of blogging goals I just want to continue creating content that I'm happy with and adds to the community, I spoke about it in my recent heart to heart post, I never want to blog just for the sake of it, and fingers crossed that will pay off and people will enjoy my content. 

You're getting married soon, have you incorporated this into your blog and what are you excited about?

8) Ahh this question has got me excited, it's all I seem to think about at the minute! I have written a couple of wedding related posts and I will definitely be documenting the whole thing - I'm just too excited not to share it. Sounds so cheesy but I'm excited to see my partner for the first time on the wedding day and have all of our family and friends in one place, we're hoping it will be one big relaxed celebration! Of course, I'm excited about the venue, catering, hair, makeup, dresses etc also! 

Thank you to Jodie for allowing me to ask her a few questions, I hope you enjoyed it and follow her on her social media platforms;

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