Brands I Would Like To Try More Of

Thursday, 16 February 2017

brands i would like to try more of

This year I am trying to put more of my interest into makeup, although I am a beauty blogger I don't buy a lot of makeup I thought that I might start by trying out more brands...

Bobbi Brown | I have been recommended to this brand many a time, but I have no idea what to purchase first. At the moment, I have been told to purchase their foundation sticks which I look forward to. Previously, I have worn their Sheer Finishing Powder which I loved as it was a matte powder and it made my skin look youthful and glowy. 

Illamasqua | I am Instagram obsessed and I came across this makeup artist and beauty blogger by the name of Shantel, her makeup always looks flawless and she's always using products from the Illamasqua brand. Since her makeup looks unbelievably gorgeous at all times, she's influenced me to look more into their brand. First on their list - Illamasqua Radiance Veil.

Colourpop | Everyone's heard of Colourpop, everyone probably has a least one liquid lipstick from there. I have had Colourpop on my radar for a while, it's annoying though as I prefer to swatch a makeup product before purchase which I can't do with Colourpop as it's in America. But, I need to take the plunge soon as....I think some of the nude, brown liquid lips are next on my list to purchase. 

Giorgio Armani | I have had my eyes on purchasing the Giorgio Armani Silk Foundation for the longest time ever, after watching endless videos on reviews and makeup tutorials, I just have to try it out. As part of my Giorgio Armani perfume set, a mini sample of their mascara came with it which is amazing. I love the way it coats my eyelashes well and lengthens them effectively.

What brands would you like to try?

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