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Monday, 20 February 2017

Welcome back to another post all about a few tips for some newbie bloggers, my last post seemed to be a hit and many people loved it so I decided to share a few more tips for you! These tips have helped me so much and I'm still learning as the days go by...

Purchase an URL 

Ever since I purchased an URL and I have realised that my traffic has increased a lot as my blog is easily accessible. Purchasing an URL allows you to monitor your traffic a lot better as well via Google Analytics and Bloglovin. Through this, you will be able to increase your DA which is your domain authority - the higher your domain authority is the better your website, as it predicts how well your website will rank in search engines. You can check this via MOZ. The good thing about purchasing an URL is that it is inexpensive, if you purchase it from GoDaddy you could get it for as little as 99p!

Create a brand logo/design

As I am sure you have realised a lot of bloggers and YouTubers have their own brand design which people notice them by. If I had to show you the brand logo for Nike, you'll automatically remember it because it is seen everywhere. Think of this when you're making your own brand logo as this is what people will associate with you and your blog. Once you have made it, put it at the bottom of each blog post so that everyone knows it!

Upload a photo to Instagram everyday 

Everyone hates the new Instagram algorithm, it's important to use this as an advantage. If you post at least once a day, it is mostly likely people will see it whilst scrolling down. Posting a photo will also help to increase your followers, but it is vital that you carrying on posting to Instagram as you will loose followers (I know right, annoying). Also, use the Instagram stories to your advantage as people will become more interested in your life and stories and may end up following you!

Create a legal page

If your blog contains affiliate links, uses Google Adsense it is important to make sure you create a legal page to tell people about this. In your legal page, you should include the fact that your website contains cookies, you use affiliate programmes and list them and you use Google Adsense. In a way, it's a form of a disclaimer for others. 

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