Two Weeks With Cantu Beauty

Saturday, 8 April 2017

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For the past two weeks, I have been using a new hair care range that isn't Shea Moisture...

I have been using Shea Moisture for a very long time, it has definitely helped to grow my hair and since I have been on my hair journey I have been experimenting many different brands that can help me grow my hair successfully. I have loved Shea Moisture for a very long time, and I still love it. I recently ventured into the Cantu hair products and I must say......I LOVE it.

I have always used two products so far, but I'm enjoying it so far. Before, I bought these products my hair was a bit knotty and dry since I hadn't been using my Shea Moisture products so I bought this on a whim. The Intensive Repair deep treatment masque was very helpful in reviving the oils in my hair, it made my hair incredibly soft.  It has helped to restore my damaged hair and reduced the breakage. I used this with a whole avocado as together they would both help to promote hair growth and strengthen my hair. Using this alongside, the Cantu Beauty daily oil moisturiser has been amazing. I have been using this on an everyday basis where I have seen my hair improve in terms of softness and hydration. Using this every day has removed my dry scalp and hair, it adds shine to my hair as well! The moisturiser is light weight and if you have thick hair, this moisturiser won't weigh you down.

The daily oil moisturiser smells lovely and sweet due to the shea butter which enables healthy growth. The anti-inflammatory qualities that shea butter possess provide moisture for dry hair and also soothes dry itchy scalps. Canola oil also helps to moisturise your scalps and prevent hair loss and split ends.
The hair treatment masque includes beeswax which is usually used to style hair but it can also promote hair growth. Avocado oil can be used to moisturise the hair successfully, detangle any knots and remove any dandruff. Another oil included in this masque is neem seed oil which cures any scalp problems, relieves eczema, keeps your scalp clean and healthy whilst also promoting hair growth. 

Have you ever tried any products from Cantu? What are your favourite hair care brands?

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