Ways To Grow Your Hair Naturally

Thursday, 13 April 2017

ways to grow your hair naturally, cantu beauty

Since I cut my hair a couple of years ago because it was very unhealthy and dead, plus I fancied a new change. I have been trying to grow my hair back to where it was and longer through natural processes but also the help of many different products from various brands. As a little disclaimer, these tips have helped me and many people have asked how I grew my hair, so I thought I'd share them, I am not a hair specialist nor an expert. 

Massage your scalp
I'd recommend massaging your scalp for at least 10-15 minutes, it does not have to be in the mirror it could be whilst watching a television programme. Massaging your scalp on a daily basis increasing blood flow to your hair follicles which increase the chance of new hair growth and a healthier head of hair. 

Use natural oils
- Use Coconut Oil on a regular basis, coconut oil can be used as a hot oil treatment, to tame frizzy hair and reduces dandruff. Coconut Oil has Lauric acid in it which is supportive of cellular health which can help prevent the loss of protein in the hair. Coconut Oil creates a shiny, thick texture which is unbelievably soft. 
- Castor Oil is an amazing natural oil which is the best thing to use to grow your hair. The texture of the oil is quite thick, imagine the outcome. Use this to oil your scalp or also as a hot oil treatment. If you have hair loss in some areas of your hair, this is the go-to oil for fast effect remedy hair loss due to the ricinoleic acid. Use this at least twice a week and you'll see a huge change in your hair, your hair will be thick as ever.
- Avocado Oil helps to moisturise the scalp effectively, detangles the hair perfectly and removes dandruff. It is a perfect dandruff treatment. Using avocado oil to massage your scalp will increase the blood flow to your hair thus stimulating new growth.

You can also put food in your hair
- You can put avocado in your hair and mixed it with mayonnaise or conditioner. Before washing your hair or after you have washed your hair, you can use this mixture as a hair mask. This is a good hair mask for dry, damaged hair as it strengthens the hair and makes it shiny. Make sure that the avocado is very soft and wash it out until completely gone. 
- You can also crack a few eggs for a protein treatment. The protein in the eggs helps to strengthen the hair and promote growth, it also helps to clean your scalp and hair. Mix this with yoghurt to ensure that your hair grows out fast and healthy with volume. Protein treatments, however, shouldn't be as frequent, I'd recommend once a month as it can lead to dry hair that's why it is important to follow up with a moisturising conditioner.
- Using honey as a pre-poo treatment (which is where you apply oils to your hair before shampooing and conditioning for an hour) helps to stimulate the hair growth, lighten the hair and reduce frizz. If you have any scalp problems, the antiseptic qualities of honey prevent and soothes such infections. Mixing this with a natural oil will also help to improve the quality of your hair.  

Keep your hair protected and moisturised at all times 
Bedtime. This is the time to take care of your hair overnight, using a silk pillow cover or bonnet will prevent knotted hair and maintain the shine in your hair. Pillow cases are made from cotton which removes the moisture from your hair, so covering your hair with a silk cover or wearing a silk bonnet will reduce greasy hair and keep the moisture locked in. This is important as we need moisture to help our hair growth healthily. 

Wash your hair enough times
Now, this is all dependent on your hair, if your hair gets greasy in the space of 2 days, by all means, wash your hair but if not wash your hair at least once a week. Washing your hair too many times and create brittle, dry hair as too much manipulation to the hair can cause breakage as well, so just keep it to a minimum but obviously, this is dependent on you. This could be either co-washing your hair (washing your hair with only conditioner) or normal washing. After you've washed your hair, the last rinse should also be in cold water. I'd also recommend an apple cider vinegar wash at the end if you want to ensure that your scalp is 100% clean. 

Use deep conditioner 
Deep condition your hair each time you wash it as it will make your hair manageable after washing, less prone to breakage and reduce the amount of frizz. This helps to treat dry, damaged and colour treated hair. Deep condition also promotes elasticity to your hair especially if you use natural oils at the same time. Whilst your deep conditioning your hair, steam your hair at the same time which increases blood circulation and adds in moisture. All of this could be done under 20 mins if you are in a hurry.

Oil your scalp as much as possible 
Now, don't over oil your hair as you will block the follicles in your hair and it won't grow successfully. But make do make sure that your scalp and hair are never dry or else, your hair will suffer and become damaged easily. Focus the oil especially on your ends as that's the most knotted area of your hair. At least every 2-3 days depending on how your hair reacts to oils/moisture.

Eat right and drink lots and lots of water 
Lastly, the key to getting healthy, soft, clean hair is through what you eat as well. Eating healthy, of course not on an everyday basis, will help to improve your hair and also increase hair growth. Drink loads of water on a daily basis, which will not only grow your hair but also improve your skin too!

Do you have any tips to grow your hair naturally? 

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