My Opinions On Sacha Buttercup Powder

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

I am a sucker for a good translucent powder before using this powder; I was obsessed with the Ben Nye Banana Powder which was an absolute dream. Unfortunately, it finished so I will be purchasing another one. For today's I will be sharing my impressions on the Sacha Buttercup Powder.

I have heard numerous amounts of opinions on this powder as the holy grail for people with darker skin, after watching numerous YouTube videos I wanted to try it. Personally, I like to try many ways as possible because it annoys me if I spend a significant amount of money on a product which I only tried once and threw away. The first method I used to put this on was the classic way of setting your concealer with a damp beauty blender - it kept my concealer creaseless throughout the day, but it did make me look a bit cakey - maybe that's because I put too much on? So I tried it again but with less amount of product and the beauty blender. This time, I looked a lot better, and I didn't keep it on for too long, I immediately blended it in once I put it on, and the lasting power was still the same. So at this point, it is safe to say that even though the appearance doesn't look nice, the staying power is great. However, after I sprayed my MAC Prep & Prime, my face didn't look too powdery.

As a couple of weeks have passed, I am still using the same technique with the beauty blender. Instead, I realised that because I use a lot of oils on my face before it doesn't make my makeup look great so if I let the oils in my face settle for at least 30 minutes, the powder doesn't look powdery on my face. I keep the time the powder spent on my face the same (1 minute including blending it in). The past week I have been wearing a minimal amount of makeup, and I don't tend to use my beauty blender instead I stick to brushes instead - so I set my powder with a Real Techniques small brush which was also as effective. 

Just like any other makeup product, it is all about making it suit your face and skin. In comparison to my Ben Nye Banana powder, there are similarities regarding the longevity and appearance. However, I do prefer my Ben Nye Banana Powder. In regards to photos, I have realised that the Ben Nye Banana Powder shows up a bit more in dim light whereas in natural lighting it looks nice. Also, it's a good powder to mix with other powders as well, for my dark skin gals out there this is a really good powder. The Banana Powder isn't heavy but lightweight and comfortable to wear, I do love this powder and would consider purchasing another powder as a backup, but there's something about the Ben Nye Powder that I can't seem to get rid of. Nonetheless, I will continue trying different methods as I attempt to finish the powder. 

What is your favourite translucent powder? Have you ever tried the Sacha Buttercup Powder?

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