10 Things To Do This Week

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

10 things to do this week

It may not be the first day of the week but there is still so much that you can do this week. I know it's hot believe, I'm sweating, but enjoy the heat whilst you can!

1. Buy a fresh bouquet of flowers | You all know what type of flowers I am going to talk about! Peonies, of course! The bouquet of flowers that looks and feels amazing during the summer time. At the moment I am fawning over the bouquets that Appleyard have, I think that they are beautiful.

2, Visit the beach | This is the perfect time to visit the beach, eat an ice cream and chill by the sea until sunset.

3. Opt to cycle around your town | Instead of walking in this heat (I don't blame if you don't), maybe try and cycling. If you have a bike or the town that you live in has bikes to hire for the day, why not? Explore other cities or places in your town.

4. Host an impromptu barbecue | A good barbecue in the Summer is amazing, surrounded by friends and family with good food. I'd suggest some recipes from Jamie Oliver.

5. Visit the gym | You might be like I don't want to know exercise in this humidity but the AC in the gym would probably be the best option. But working in the gym in conditioned conditions feels amazing! Step closer in the healthy lifestyle.

6. Chill in the park | For my hayfever fam, I'd advise taking your daily dose of anti-histimines, nasal spray and eye drops if you want to go to the park. But you could also have a small BBQ in the park as well. Use the trip to the park to..

7. Sunbathe | Work on getting a few shades darker with this heat but it is not going to last long so spray on the sunscreen and sunbathe with a couple of classes of ice water.

8. Go to a lido | Swimming in this weather is another way to cool off and get in your daily fitness routine.

9. Make a fruit salad | Oh I love a good fruit salad in the summer - watermelon, melon, apples, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and mangos! That is such a good sald, I might need to make one now!

10. Go to an ice cream parlour | I have an obsession with ice cream, I love it. It cools me down quick feels good. Especially if it's a Magnum! Mmm.

What will you be doing this week in this heat?

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