2 Things I've Learnt This Year So Far

Sunday, 18 June 2017

2 Things I've Learnt This Year

We are in the sixth month of the year! Only 6 more months until 2018, I honestly can't believe it, but that's for another post. For today's post, I thought I'd share 2 things that I have learnt this year.

As humans a lot of the time we tend to please our friends before we please ourselves, which is absolutely normal (heck, I do it) but it's also important to please yourself first of all. If you're happy then pleasing others will make you feel even better. Spending time pleasing yourself whether that's by buying the latest makeup product, spending money on pampering yourself or even just ordering a bouquet of flowers is important. I know that majority of us feel guilty about being selfish in certain situations but don't forget that you're important, don't put yourself down, continue to please yourself. 

 As we have recently seen over the last couple of months, a lot of bad things has happened in the world, I have witnessed so many accounts of positivity around the world as it's made me so happy. It made me realise that even if you're a minority, your positivity and love makes a majority happy. Spread your positivity, make people happy even if it's a smile to a stranger you never realise how it could make them happy or even change their life. The good thing is about the world that we currently live in is that we don't have to spread positivity based on everyday situations, you can spread positivity online through social media.

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What two things have you learnt this year?

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